To solve the problem, I feel the government has to create jobs. The high rate of joblessness in the country is responsible for the ritual killings. If there were jobs I don’t think people will go into ritual killings, instead, they will focus on their jobs and work to better their lives.
Mr. John Uchechukwu, Civil servant

Angry Youths in protest

The fear of God is key to putting an end to the ritual killings in the country. If citizens of the country can follow the will of God, I think there won’t be any form of ritual killing by our youths. I think ritual killings can also be stopped if the security of the country is beefed up.Mr. Maselos Uwabioma, Businessman

Yahoo Plus has claimed thousands of lives recently and most victims are girls under the age of 30. Even with the level which this menace has gotten to, I still see a way out and a permanent solution. Parents should start discouraging their children, especially the female against luxurious lifestyle. The male children should also be taught the virtue of hard work. Mr.Pual Shola, Businessman

This matter should be treated with the urgency it deserves before Nigeria becomes the headquarters of ritual killings. It is very funny because it seems young girls are becoming endangered species in Nigeria. As funny as it sounds, that is the reality. Sadly, apart from the arrest of some perpetrators, most people, who indulge in the crime, are not always brought to book. Mr. Samuel Uche,

This crisis is becoming a national embarrassment. At this point, everyone should be involved. Since parents can’t do it alone, the National Orientation Agency, NOA, should commence sensitisation campaigns against ritual killings. Only a man like Atiku Abubakar can be able to offer the leadership that can return the values of this society. Mr.Okonkwo Ken, Worker

Religious leaders should speak against these activities. Unfortunately, most of the Yahoo boys are being celebrated in some popular churches. Also, security agencies to some extent, have not been sincere in handling the matter. Most of the Yahoo Plus boys, use security agents as their personal bodyguards. If our security agents should be sincere , they will be able to fight this crime headlong.Mr. Nwabuisi Gospel, NGO owner

By Ebun Sessou, Yinka Latona, & Tade Oluwapelumi

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