By Peter Egwuatu

Adewale Adeyipo is the Executive Director of Sales and Marketing Development, CWG Plc. In this interview with SAMSON ECHENIM, he speaks on the company’s challenges and feats in 2018, as well as its forecast for 2019. Excerpts :

Organisation alleges PVC buying in Edo

How would you describe 2018 business year in your capacity as head of sales and marketing?

This position requires me to be responsible for the entire sales operations and engagement for existing and new product development, which ranges from conceptualisation to market research, product development, go-to market strategy and if necessary, partnership with other stake holders to achieve the end result of generating incremental revenue /profit for the organisation.

I would say identifying opportunities and ensuring delivery to achieve speed to market is the most challenging I have seen so far. With our current traditional way of doing business deploying new platforms timely requires a major cultural change in the delivery of our and I think we have successfully dealt with that and we are doing very well right now.

I dare say we have not done badly, though we can do better. It also depends on who is asking and what exactly you are measuring and what yardstick you are measuring with. Looking at the global products and services scale, CWG has been able to joggle the market in the last twelve months with some of the developmental initiatives that had been brewing in the last three years.

So, how would you say CWG Plc fared in the industry in the last half year?

I think this has been one very successful year, we have more products in the market, some other products have gotten into their maturity state where we can start to earn revenue; whilst we have a whole bouquet of products that have been in R&D for eighteen months and in 2018, alone we have had over four to five of these products successfully launched into the market.

An example is our Smart Metering Utilities Solution which is our 4GWIFI enabled metering solution; one we have worked on launching with other key Stakeholders in alliance with the Office of the Vice President, to be able to provide Independent Power Plantsusing our Smart Utility Systems in some strategic markets in Nigeria. A few short weeks ago, we were able to join in the commissioning of the Sura-Market Metering Project, in Lagos Island; that was one major and successful project we achieved this year. Our Enterprise Resources Planning, ERP, platform which we call SMERP is also one major successful platform, which had been previously launched, but with key features for the Logistics Industry launched this year. These and many more projects which have been on for over 18 months, but have gained major traction this year, gives me confidence to push on for greater achievements to set the tone as the major player in that field come 2019.

We have heard that there will be a change in CWG management in January when you will be assuming the post of the MD/CEO of CWG Plc, how true is this?

Well, you are not far from it. I will be assuming the role of the Acting CEO come January 1, 2019 and that is because our current CEO’s tenure with be concluded by December 31, 2018 and he has decided to move over to some other very strategic line up for the organisation, coupled with some other personal goals he has lined up. So the Board of CWG Plc has appointed me to take over the reins as the Acting MD / CEO.

What are your fears for 2019?

If anybody tells you that he does not have fears, then he probably do not give it his all. 2019 will be another interesting year for us as a country, which is way beyond the organisation. So with it comes a lot of anticipations and uncertainties. One major one are the elections. We all know the risks and exposures these events bring; yet in the midst of all these also are the many opportunities. So, the best we could do as an organisation is to understand our strength, create scenarios for varying outcomes, good or bad and be prepared for it. So, it is not so much fear, but more of being better prepared for any economic ups and down. I think as an organisation we have been on this road many times before and we clearly know what needs to be done at times like this and I am sure CWG is prepared to weather all outcomes that the year brings.

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