December 29, 2018

Noisy churches

Noisy churches

From Tunji Olawuni’s Facebook

Is poverty synonymous with the present craze of religious activities? In neighborhoods, you hear all sorts of noises in the name of worships. And these are inside dilapidated and corrugated iron buildings. You see the pastors or leaders in soaked but weather beaten suits and members sweating with nothing to show aside the main man reaping.

And you take a trip round GRAs and exclusive areas of the rich, you’ll not find noisy churches but serene atmospheres. And you wonder if they don’t believe in God. When it’s time for offering, it’s same who will contribute more without sweat. And you wonder what’s the results of the noises and disturbances of the environment? Many want manna from heaven without works.

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Wife of one pastor, unknowingly told a friend that her husband floated a church when he couldn’t get a job after his master’s degree.

Unfortunately, more noises to be expected as we go into Christmas and new year with numerous crusades for instant miracles which may never come.

From Larry Arogundade ‘s Facebook

I passed through Abuja International Airport yesterday and discovered that the newly commissioned terminal by PMB is not yet in use and may not be in use for some time.

As I whispered aloud over this, a fellow traveller reminded me that a bus terminal commissioned by the President in Lagos is yet to commence operations months after.

This should be seen as embarrassing to the office of the president. The presidency should at least have a due diligence unit that preinspects projects and gives independent report that enables presidential handlers take the right decision.

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If any commissioning is needed for political or campaign proposes, which is nothing wrong, then more efforts should be put into speedy completion of such.