…says women,youths, my priority in Apapa

By Ebun Sessou

To ease the rigour of transportation for children in both primary and secondary schools in Apapa area of Lagos, the Deputy Majority Leader, Mr. Olumuyiwa Jimoh has said that he would not relent in providing free school buses to convey school children to and fro every day.

Jimoh disclosed that the gesture was borne out of the pain school children pass through everyday while going to and coming from school.

According to him: “I have given out four luxurious buses for children in both primary and secondary schools and these buses take them to different places within Lagos State. He added that since the buses have been functioning, the problem of transportation has been addressed.

He also explained that the parents of the children are relieved by the gesture.

Jimoh who is representing Apapa/Igamnu Constituency 2, told Vanguard that Apapa is densely populated but with good representation, the constituency has been brought to limelight.

According to him: “The kind of representation we gave to the people in the community propelled us to be given the chance for re-election.

“Aside the provision of school buses, we had empowered the women, youths and students in different areas including provision of computer centre, free JAMB and WAEC forms, provision of materials for the youths and the young girls in the community.

“Politics is about representation no matter the number of re-election, it is certain that you leave for others to step in but the legislative arm is not limited to lawmaking alone, it entails social representation and it is the wisdom of the people that I should still represent them in the 9th  Assembly, I cannot reject the privilege to serve.

“There are so many things I would be doing in the 9th assembly  if I am re-elected as a member of the Lagos State House of Assembly. I have volunteered myself to serve and I am ready to represent the people of Apapa in whatever capacity,” he assured.

When asked on the bills he would be working on in the 9th  assembly, he said: “It is difficult to talk about the issues or bills to be addressed, the social issues are not stagnant, they are dictated by the realities and events of the time. Therefore, it is impossible to know what would happen in future.

“But, I am aware that there are so many laws that are obsolete and needed to be reformed and many things to be done. The issue is not about legislation because we have legislated on many things.

“The idea is how to change our society for the better, to implement some of the laws rolled out by the 8th Assembly as well as subsequent ones.

“The duty of a member representing a constituency is not limited to lawmaking. It is just one aspect of the responsibility. We also screen the officers who would hold one position at the helm of affairs.

Speaking on the social amenities in Apapa, Jimoh explained that he has been lobbying the state government to address accessibility of road networks, adding that it is not a crime to lobby as much as he can to get the attention of the governor to his constituency.

On public schools, he said, efforts are in top gear to build a secondary school in Apapa for comfort of the students.

“I have been working on getting a secondary school in my community and lots of people are ready to volunteer their property and the project is in the pipeline. I am sure those who would volunteer their property would be duly compensated. There are other social amenities we have executed in Apapa including pipe-borne water in the community.”

On the youths and women, he said: “My aim is to increase the level of our public debate, so that people do not misinterpret the responsibility of the legislature to that of executive.

“For us, women have been given 50 per cent rebate for nomination form and expression of interest.

“Women and youths are more in the politics of today and we will not neglect them. There must be a synergy between us for a better society.

“If you build a woman, you are building a nation, all necessary facilities expected of growth and development of any society will be given including continuous education centres especially for the adult who could not go to school when they were young.

“Women spend more time with our children including the youths, so we need to equip them,” he added.

On the Apapa road and how it affects women, he said it is painful to him because most women have lost their jobs and businesses because of the gridlock.

Jimoh said: “Until the tank farms are relocated to other spacious areas, there might not be solution to the continuous pains that women and other people go through to provide for their families.

“Apapa Road is a federal road and that is why we are clamouring that the Federal Government should relocate the tank farms. There are about four ports in Apapa and that is the highest concentration of ports in the federation. We have the TinCan port, Roro port, Kirikiri and Apapa ports concentrated in one axis. The lasting solution is to move the tank farms to other areas.

“I am grossly affected by this problem, some of the people affected are my constituents, some are Nigerians and the point is that there is need to de-congest Apapa. The tank farms can be moved to Epe, Ikorodu and even Badagry because those areas are not highly populated, unlike Apapa that is busy on a daily basis,” he concluded.


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