ByPrince Osuagwu

Observing telephone manners  is important whether it is an official or informal call. Being able to speak on the phone with good manners and poise is just as important as communicating face to face.

Here are steps to better phone manners

*Always introduce yourself

When you call someone, a friend, family or stranger, speak clearly in a modulate voice and introduce yourself. Smile before taking the call, this allows you to be more amicable.

*Be well-mannered

When you are on the telephone with someone, try and treat the caller with the same dignity and respect you expect from him or her

*Proper tone of voice

Tone of voice is the non-verbal component of your telephone personality. Do not sound anxious, aggressive or pushy while in public. Yelling, rude language and profanity may be inappropriate and offensive to those within an earshot.

*Mind your language

Your use of language can make or break a call. There are certain words and phrases that can quickly turn off a caller. Things like “I don’t know,” “We can’t do that.” On the other hand, there are words and phrases that are music to a caller’s ears, such as “Let me see what I can do for you” or “I’m not sure, but let me check and see” show a caller that you care about them and at least you are trying to help.

*Develop listening skills

Many people have the tendency to talk incessantly on the phone, while not giving the other person a chance to speak. Do realise that it is important to listen to the other side as well.

*Don’t shout out private phone conversations.

Use appropriate volume when speaking on the phone, everyone around you does not need to hear your conversation, do not put phone on speaker, your conversations should be discrete.

*Do not use loud ring tone

Avoid excessively loud or annoying ring tones; they can be very disruptive or annoying to those around.

*Call at appropriate time

Consider your call timing whether it is your friend, acquaintance and business partner or work place colleague. You should consider the time of calling a person unless it’s very urgent. Do not disturb a person when he or she is busy or during working hours.

*Do not put a caller on hold for a long time

If you have to put a caller on hold for a long time, be sure to check back within few minutes as to whether he/she would like to continue to be on hold or not.

*Know where to use your phone

If your cell phone rings while you are talking or having a meal with someone, take the call only if it is important and excuse yourself for the duration of the call.



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