By Ayo Onikoyi

Abuja based Nollywood actress, singer and founder of Charity Nnaji Foundation, Charity Nnaji, has opened a can of worms concerning integrity  and sanctity of most beauty pageants in the country.

Charity Nnaji

According to her, most of them are nothing but a ploy to groom prostitutes who sleep with older men, on the guise of raising money for their pet projects.

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“Most beauty pageants are honestly a platform to raise first class prostitutes. I have first hand information and I know what goes on behind the scene. What they do is to arrange young girls, coach them on how to woo prominent politicians, all in the name of seeking sponsors for their pet projects. If anyone of them fails to sleep with a politician, they accuse her of not working hard enough as a beauty queen,” she said in a chat with Potpourri

“I know of a beauty queen who came into a beauty pageant as a saint but now she’s warming the bed of a politician old enough to be her father. The most annoying part is that if you refuse to play by their rules, your crown will be useless till you hand over as a beauty queen,” she added.

Sounding furious and obviously disgusted, she advised young girls seeking to go into beauty pageantry to be watchful and not enroll into those without pedigree.

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“The common place for this is Abuja. Most beauty pageants organisers do this in Abuja  where the real  money bags are. Please, my fellow girls, if it is not Miss Nigeria, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria or any other credible ones, don’t go there. They only want to initiate you into SP, meaning, Senior Prostitution gang,” she quipped.

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