October 31, 2018

KStar: How Nigeria’s power outages necessitated first online power backup system

KStar: How Nigeria’s power outages necessitated first online power backup system

varieties of KSTAR UPS systems

By Prince Osuagwu & Blessing Okereke

Nigeria today, is regarded as the biggest economy in Africa. However, its power sector is performing far below the level of an economy of this magnitude. Over half of the population has no access to grid-connected electricity and those who are connected to the grid suffer extensive power outages.

varieties of KSTAR UPS systems

The power outages, fuel massive data and information losses which leave victims emotionally traumatised and induce cost escalation on their businesses

Original Equipment manufacturers hoping to make their mark in the Nigerian market are always advised to come up with products that are green in nature. This has seen a flurry of Uninterruptible power systems, UPS in the market.

However, while most of them help in retaining power during outages, while users look for alternative sources, many have not lived up to their billing of helping users retain data, hundred percent, during outages.

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Experts say that this is because the traditional nano second breakage between power outages and the switch on to an alternative, a lot of information or data may have been lost or compromised.

So, when one of the leading companies in the power backup industry in Nigeria, Simba Industries, introduced the first online Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS systems to the market, it appeared the market has come of age.

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The KStar UPS systems are online, to the extent of having a seamless transition between power sources without even a nano second breakage.

KStar is mainly known for specialised power backup solutions, capable of handling mission-critical electrical equipment including hospital diagnostic and surgical apparatus, data centres and Bank ATMs.

Unlike traditional Online UPS systems, KStar products can handle a wide range of applications which have peculiar power needs, such as factory machinery, where power requirements at startup are huge, and where power failure can often lead to significant cost escalation, as machines need to cool down and be restarted.

They aim at addressing the power failure challenge for both individual customers and industries.

Speaking at the unveiling of the products in Lagos recently, official of Simba Industries, Mr  Prasanna Sridhar, explained that KStar is the sixth largest manufacturer of UPS in the world, offering high quality products and full service support to more than 90 countries.

He said the introduction of KSTAR products in Nigeria followed the realisation that Nigeria has low and poor power supply which not only affect individual user but also companies and larger corporate organisations.

Between going forward and moving back

Sridhar noted that the different ranges of KStar UPS can cater to power demands and need across different sectors, including manufacturing, oil and gas, medical establishments, businesses and other key industries.

He said: “Hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world depend on reliable power back-up solutions for their critical systems. Downtime is simply not an option for them, as it results in potentially millions of dollars of losses per second. The KStar UPS draws on the latest research and development to offer unparalleled power backup solutions for a diverse range of industries”.

Also, Head of Simba Service, the group’s Services division, Mr  Suresh Kumar added that KStar UPS is supported by Simba Service in Nigeria, which provides power audit consultation, installation, 24 hour customer support, and annual maintenance contracts.

He said:”At Simba, we believe that total customer satisfaction is only achieved, when a good quality product is supported by attentive and responsive customer care and after sales service. Simba Service is at the heart of our value proposition to customers.”

KStar offers an extensive range of UPS solutions, including Online Transformer/ Transformer-less UPS, Line Interactive UPS and Modular UPS all of which are aimed at delivering optimised energy sourcing, cost savings as well as minimising downtime – thereby meeting the critical needs of its customers in various sectors of the Nigerian economy.