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October 7, 2018

I shower my man with gifts – Ferrari Okoro

I shower my man with  gifts – Ferrari Okoro

By Ayo Onikoyi

At first sight you would think you need to break the bank to have Tonia Ferrari Okoro sit  have a chat with you. But when you go closer and have a feel of her warm affection, humility and the sparks of electromagnetic attraction that emanates from her, you will realise you are in nothing but a good company.

Though not the kind of beauty that will grace the covers of European tabloids but her womanly assets, steep in African values will more than make many African men have a rush of carnal hormones.

It is doubtful any man will run into her and not be pushed into wanting to know her better. Looking at her and how sophisticated she looks, you may be pushed into thinking this is another major project that would get your bank manager in a twist, Ferrari is far from that.

In a recent chat with Potpourri, the former banker turned actress said all she wants from her man is love.

“Love means so much to me. In a relationship I cherish love more than sex or money. When I love someone I’m magnetised to that person and spend for the person. I do it a lot when I’m in love and he looks alluring to me all the time and I shower him with gifts,” she purred with affection.

While most women would rather have their men spend on them and shower them with gifts, it appears this woman of Cameroonian-Deltan stalk is an exception to the rule.

“I spend on my man. I buy him gifts, it can’t be one-sided. It makes it more interesting. I see nothing wrong in that,” she reiterated

When asked if she would still love her man, when he’s poor and bad in bed, her answer wasn’t as welcoming as her face. “ Poor and broke? Bad sex and poor? God forbid”, she railed.