IT’S often been said that no rival could snatch an unwilling lover from their partner. But when it happens, and your partner walks, to what extent should you go to get revenge?

A few weeks ago, I reluctantly made my way to a birthday party. I just wasn’t in the mood to socialize but the celebrant is a very close friend. It was a good party and I was glad I came. Hours into the party, who should saunter in but Chris? We were a bit surprised to see him. He runs an impressive business centre and was married to Foluke, a nurse. Twelve years of marriage and two kids later, Foluke left him to move in with Goddy, Chris’ relation and a man of stupendous means who used to intervene whenever the couple had marital problems.

After Foluke moved in with him, Goddy was alleged to have snorted he wasn’t related to Chris, that he merely played the role of a big brother because Chris was always looking up to him. But why snatch the poor guy’s wife? Chris was beside himself with rage and jealousy and had embarrassed them a couple of times he ran into them at parties. He’d been hoping for a reconciliation with his wife but that seemed impossible now she’s latched onto Goddy. Poor Chris had no chance. His rival, an auto magnate was a multi millionaire with exotic cars. He’d even bought Foluke a flashy one—Chris could never compete with him. Goddy is a serial monogamist—one wife at a time in his palatial home— and Foluke was now clearly the flavour of the moment.

Then Chris virtually lost his marbles. He’d tried to talk to his wife with Goddy telling him not to ever ring the house again on top of which Foluke had changed her mobile and he didn’t have her new number. The next thing, he found himself in Goddy’s well fortified home. According to the story, he then hung around the house until some visitors were let-in and he quickly sneaked in before the gates were locked. He then hid somewhere until everywhere was quiet before he started slashing the tyres of

Goddy’s expensive cars. Still seething with anger, he broke into the house.

The night guards were settled at the gate, half asleep. He then proceeded to damage Goddy’s expensive plasma television and DVD player and Hi-fi; cutting up his expensive clothes for good measure. The commotion woke Goddy who jumped naked from his bed to investigate. As soon as Chris saw him, he went for him with the knife in his hand:”You sleep with my wife, you die!” He howled like a man possessed. Both men started slugging it out but Chris was more powerful. He dealt his rival, a few flashes with the knife. Goddy quickly yelled at Foluke to get the guards as he clutched his upper arm, trying to stop the flow of blood. He was then able to free himself and he made a dash for the door. He was in great fear for his life. He ran bare foot towards the gates where the guards were now rushing to apprehend Chris. Then he was handed over to the police after he’d been beaten almost to a state of coma. Goddy was rushed to the hospital where his several wounds were stitched up.

At the police station, Chris pleaded he wasn’t an armed robber, as was alleged by Goddy’s guards; that the man had stolen his wife and he had no means of competing with a rich man. He claimed he didn’t intend to cause Goddy serious injury—all he wanted to do was to scare him. But his blind rage could very easily have led to awful consequences if Goddy had died. Having become frustrated by his estranged wife, he was unable to come to terms with her… . All things weren’t handled well, he could actually be found guilty of armed robbery. He stayed in police custody whilst efforts were made to plead with Goddy to drop the charges against Chris. Goddy gladly complied after he came out of the hospital. He also threw Foluke out of his home, because he still feared for his life; and no woman was worth losing your life over. So, in a way, Chris did succeed in breaking up the relationship. But Foluke never went back to him.


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