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September 16, 2018

Sexy singer, Soso tells story of good girl gone bad in new single ‘Bad’

Sexy singer, Soso tells story of good girl gone bad in new single ‘Bad’


By Ayo Onikoyi

Afro-pop singer, Asomugha Sonia, known as Soso has returned to the music scene after two years hiatus with her new dancehall single ‘Bad’.

The beautiful singer of a Nigerian and Ghanaian descent took a break from the music world in 2016 after the release of her debut single ‘Kpako’, because the record label she was signed to packed up.


However, on  August 31, Soso released her latest single ‘Bad’ to reintroduce herself and reclaim the stage.

Produced by Mr Sound, ‘Bad’ has been enjoying positive reviews with over ten thousand views since the release of its audio and video on YouTube.

Speaking to Potpourri on the inspiration behind the song, Soso said she was inspired by the story of a friend’s sister who caught the negativity of freedom and turned to a wayward lifestyle.

“The main inspiration behind ‘Bad’ was from my friend’s sister who used to be a good girl but got carried away by the level of freedom she had that she eventually became a bad girl and has refused to return to her family despite all persuasions ,” she said.

“I realize also that youths of nowadays engage in negative vices and tend to lead wayward lives. So, ‘Bad’ is an advisory song to them, encouraging them to turn away from their bad ways. It is also an advice to parents, telling them to focus on bringing up their children in the right way so they don’t turn bad,” she added.

Born Asomugha Uchechukwu Sonia, the Political Science graduate of the Imo State University says she is back for good although as a lone ranger signed to no record label. She further assured her fans of more  hit songs   in the coming months.

“In about two months from now I will release another song titled ‘Come to the bar’, I also have a couple of songs that I will be releasing subsequently and these are songs with sounds and lyrics that have never been heard in the Nigerian music space,” she noted.