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Man created to eat, serve and die

By Pastor Oloruntimilehin Joshua Daramola

IT is imperative for people to work before they can eat. If you don’t work, you cannot eat. God worked and now enjoying the work He did. Therefore people must work before they can eat. Looking at this world both spiritually and physically, in doing work and utterances what can make a person’s glory shine is prayer and hard work.

Luke 22:44 says: “…he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of bl-ood falling down to the ground.” That was a rigour of prayer. Praying is hard work. Without praying you cannot achieve anything in life. A prayerful person should know the hourly prayer time.

•Pastor Daramola

Similarly, people do att-end church services but they have to do so to an extent before they can eat. Some people attend church services without receiving anything. There must be certain things you do in the house of God.

The Bible says faith with-out work is worthless James 2:14–26. So there must be a role a believer of Christ plays in the chur-ch either by spending money or physical involv-ement in the work of God.

Brethren, I want to emph-atically make people to know that there are three things people are created to do: To eat; Serve or worship God; And to die. It is because we want to eat that people do work.

A farmer of food crops does not have problem of food to eat because he/she would always have food.

But the desire to have be-tter and improved life that prompted people to go out and work for mo-ney to buy cars, houses, clothes etc. All these ha-ve no benefit to the body. Imagine, you cannot eat clothes, cars, house and all the material things you have acquired.

Also these things cannot give you peace of mind or make your body to be fre-sh. Therefore what make the body to be fresh are the foods you eat. The nu-trients bring out the beauty in person. God created plants and ani-mals to serve as food for people (Genesis 1:28–30). All the food crops are for the life of the people. If a person does not eat the-se foods he or she does not have life and within few days the person will die.

So what you are created for is to eat good nutri-tional foods for the ben-efit of your body. How-ever there are food items that are beneficial to your body. Eat moderately and not much and be satis-fied.

Importantly ensure you eat balanced diet always because God wants peo-ple to eat satisfactorily. Thereafter to serve or worship God Almighty. If you refuse to serve God, then you are perished. It is a must for people to serve God no matter the condition or situation they are.

Whether God enriches you or not, you must serve Him. No matter the work you are doing you must serve God.

You are not in this world if you fail to serve God because everything be-longs to Him.

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