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Why and how we caged Fayose – Adeyeye

Prince Dayo Adeyeye,   until last December was the spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP on whose platform he made a failed attempt to be the party’s candidate in the recent governorship election in Ekiti State.

Following his failed bid he defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC and was instrumental to the party’s victory in the governorship election. In this interview, he speaks on the issues with Governor Ayo Fayose, his new party among others. Excerpts:

By Rotimi Ojomoyela

Do you share the belief that the APC will face a crisis over the sharing of positions in Ekiti State?

I know I led a group of PDP stalwarts to decamp to the APC and I don’t know how that will cause any problem at all. Sharing of positions is not much important, the most important was the victory in the July 14 poll because, without that victory, there wouldn’t have been any sharing at all.


We were able to impact positively on the election. Sending Fayose out of Ekiti, alone was  victoryfor everybody. It was a big reward for all of us that we have been able to send the monster out of Ekiti State. We are dealing with someone who is capable of any form of absurdity and we are happy to send him out. That alone should propel us for greater unity in future. It will send that signal to him (Fayose) that dire consequences await ordinary mortal who equates themselves with God.

The PDP claims you stole the mandate?

Fayose uses his mouth to say whatever he likes, no matter how stupid or foolish it is. I don’t know anybody who should be taking the words of Fayose serious. He lost the election fair and square. You were here; where was the rigging? How did the rigging take place? Where was the falsification of the results? Where did ballot snatching take place? We will meet at the tribunal and his stupidity will further be exposed by the tribunal.

I believe Fayose is saying all these things to cover his shame because of the fact he was boastful before the election and was now disgraced. The election was free and fair. I have been part of elections in the state for long, and this was the freest and fairest. This is the first election in Ekiti where no shot was fired by the security agents. A person was killed in 2014. We know what happened in 2014. I want to see what Fayose will be contesting in the court. I heard he was talking about falsification of results and I want to say, that is the easy thing to prove in court.

All you need to say is that there is a discrepancy between  the figures given to your agents at the polling units and the one tallied at the collation  centre. I want to see how he is going to establish that because agents of all political parties have results given to them at the polling units. Were these results  different  from the ones at the collation  centres  that were added? Those figures are authentic. I don’t know the basis for their argument.

Some places we beat them with five hundred votes and some places they beat us with seventy votes, like  Efon  local government area. It is not true that security agencies intimidated anyone and their presence contributed to the success of the election because Fayose does not believe in doing things without cutting corners.

Did you buy votes as has been widely reported?

I did not buy votes and my party did not buy votes. What I know and which everyone in this state know is that prior to the election, Fayose credited accounts of so many people in the state, including civil servants and it will be proven at the tribunal. Salary cannot be N4,000. We also know that at a time, he was collecting PVCs of people and that was widely reported in the media. This can be established in the tribunal. Fayose was already buying votes before the election. It was common knowledge to everyone in Ekiti that weeks before the election, Fayose and his team were going to primary schools giving money and bags of rice to teachers; what do we call that? That is pure vote buying.

He gave them money on the eve of the election. If there is anyone or party guilty of vote buying, it is Fayose and the PDP.

All I know is that I never engaged in it, I did not see it happening and anyone that saw it should come and tell us.

My party was not involved and I never attended any meeting where the issue of voting buying was discussed. In my polling unit, nobody reported that he saw vote buying of all the over 120 observers and journalists that came.

What is your reaction to the ongoing employment drive by the Fayose administration?

He ran a government that was based on falsehood throughout and he did not believe in law and order and accountability. He was running a  personalised  government. He held no state executive council meeting for four years, it was a one-man show.

When he said he was recruiting into the local government and the state civil service and he was asking them to collect forms with either N500 or N1000 and also to collect indigeneship certificates in the local governments for about N3000. If you add all these, it cost an applicant almost N4000 to successfully apply for the non-existing job. He collected all this money before the election.

Don’t forget when he first came into government in 2014, he announced the so-called recruitment exercise which no one saw the result till today and applicants were forced to cough out N10000 each for employment forms. This is a man that will collect money from the poorest of the poor without conscience. This latest one is to deceive masses and scam them of their little resources.

Are you not worried that these salary arrears will slow down the government of Dr. Fayemi?

It is a major problem on  ground  and it must be addressed squarely, Fayose created this problem because he met no salary arrears when he became governor and he is leaving with 8 months arrears. Ekiti people should know this is their real enemy.

Will the gale of defections from the PDP to the APC especially at the federal level  not affectyour chances in the 2019 elections?

I am not going to be worried. If you look at the balance of defection, the scale is not weighing too much against us. People defected from APC to the PDP and also from PDP to the APC. In fact, those who defected from the PDP to the APC are the real heavyweights.

What are your party’s chances in the Osun election?

We are hopeful and we are praying the best candidate will emerge in Osun State. I am of the APC and I wish my party success and don’t forget we have a well-qualified candidate that can deliver for the party.

What is your take on the issue of direct primary and delegate primary in the APC?

At the end of the day, it is the leadership of the party that will decide what method to adopt. In the constitution, as I was made to understand, the constitution says either by  delegate  or by direct primaries. It is for the leadership to choose which one that is suitable for a particular situation.

We have been using delegate election for some time now and may be they now see lapses and some negative effects in it and they now want to try direct primaries.

What is your take on the closure of the state-owned broadcast stations by the National Broadcasting Corporation(NBC)?

He (Fayose) is not the authority to announce the results of the election. And given that Fayose is a person who does not believe in orderliness, it is dangerous for the state if he begins to announce results which can generate violence in the state.

On the eve of the election, he said he will be announcing results to the people and the broadcasting law is against that.

Only one authority can announce results and even broadcast journalists are not allowed to announce results except the one coming from INEC, they are not even allowed to speculate. That is why radio and television are dangerous.

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