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August 25, 2018

I don’t take advantage of my beauty — Bayray Mcnwisu

I don’t take advantage of my  beauty — Bayray Mcnwisu

Bayray McNwisu

By Ayo Onikoyi

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Right? This may not ring true for blossoming Nollywood actress, Bayray Mcnwisu who believes every beholder would think she is beautiful.

Bayray McNwisu

“I am a confident woman and I do believe I am beautiful. I am blessed and I do not shy away from that. I am aware of my beauty and the effect it has on men. I try not to make it a defining thing in my life though. I love my body. Some people know they are beautiful and they use it as a tool to get what they want. When a woman is not confident of herself     whether she is fleshy or skinny it will come off in her actions. I am just comfortable in my skin” s he says.

As a beautiful actress, one should expect that some of the randy directors and producers would have thrown their poaching nets at her.

“It’s called Casting couch. Of course I have been approached; I have been asked this question and I have said ‘no’ because I never engaged in it. But the offers have come up” she quips