August 26, 2018

Cross River 2019: The Edward Godswill factor

By Olalekan Bilesanmi

Prince Edward Godswill is young, popular and  educated. But beyond all these attributes is his legendary  human kindness. He is known in the Abi/Yakurr  Federal Constituency in Cross Rivers as a mentor to children and students.

Talking about education, for Godswill,  he knows just as he always tells his mentees that  education not only widens one’s  horizon but  is also the eternal meal tickets they can have. Beyond mentoring, he ensures that  students, majority who are indigent, he registers them for WAEC/NECO.

In order to encourage the people especially those in the cities to be frequently coming home especially during the new year, he sponsored the Usumutong New Yam Festival such that the festival became the high point of activities of the year. Not only that, he was organizing  mentor-ship programs, seminars, orientations, symposiums, and distributing writing materials and cash to students.

All his philanthropic activities he thought was a way of life for him were unknowingly  preparing him leadership roles in the future. His accountability, honesty and integrity, ability to bring people together for a worthy course  endeared him not only to leaders in the communities but also at the state level. When  Governor Ben Ayade announced him as his Special Adviser Affairs, Youth Affairs in Cross River State,  not many people were surprised.

While in office, his diligence,  commitment and passion stood him out as somebody to be watched closely in future. For Godswill, his official role as intermediary between the government of the day and students, notwithstanding the enomity of the job,  he still ensures that his weekends are spent in his community, not  just to look at faces but to  also improve the living condition of the rural area where he hails  from.

His frequent concern about welfare and developments of his constituency made some elders and leaders to call on him to be their representative at the lower chamber of the National Assembly. Initially, he didn’t believe his ears.

He was said to have told them that he was too young to be handed such enormous responsibility to represent them at the national level. It appeared it was a resolution. He could not give a definite answer immediately until he went home,  ruminated over it thoroughly.

If he could do all that he has been doing within his environment with his hard earned money and without promptings, imagined what he can do if given the official tool and office to look after them in terms of creating the enabling laws, creating job opportunities and attracting developments to his communities. The result of the deliberations is his declaration to run for the House of Representatives to represent the Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency. He has since resigned his appointment to fully concentrate on the cause of ameliorating the pains of his people through politics.