August 19, 2018

Asseco Software seals deal with LSG to deliver UAV simulator system

By Emeka Aginam

Under the pioneering Lagos Enterprise Geographic Information Systems, e-GIS, upgrade and Integrated Land Administration and Automation System Project, “Lagos eGIS Project”,  Asseco Software Nigeria has sealed a deal with the Lagos State Government to procure Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, “UAVs”, to capture and update orthophotogrammetric data.

The deal was sealed last week in Lagos when the Chief Executive Officer of Asseco Software Nigeria, Simon Melchior paid a courtesy call with a team from Asseco Poland to the Honourable Commissioner Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology.

As part of Asseco’s delivery of the UAVs, six UAV operators from Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology will be trained and certified in Poland, to fly and maintain the UAVs in Lagos after delivery.

With this development, a simulation environment has been deployed by Asseco in Lagos to train these operators in preparation for the training and certification in Poland and ongoing post-delivery training.

Speaking at the signing of the MUo ,  the  CEO of Asseco Nigeria  said that,  “this project is currently the largest GIS Project in West Africa and a major export of technology from Europe to Nigeria.”

According to him, one of the key subjects discussed during the meeting was the pioneering nature of this project as the delivered UAVs constitute the most reliable, safest and cheapest way to accurately capture cadastral data less than 10cm accuracy on an ongoing basis.

He said that, “The platforms delivered have been internationally awarded in Poland, Australia and the United States. Their flights can be fully automated and they possess several emergency features, such as parachutes enabling repeated vertical landing.

“The six operators of Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology will constitute a competence hub in Lagos and Nigeria in this field.

“The project is handled in full cooperation with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority and the Office of the National Security Adviser to ensure adherence to all applicable safety and control procedures.

Earlier in his remarks, the Lagos State Commissioner of Science and Technology, Mr Hakeem Fahm, expressed appreciation for the professionalism and performance so far.

“Beyond the strategic collaboration between Lagos State Ministry of Science and Technology and Asseco Software Nigeria, this Project is a practical example of localization of technology and knowledge transfer from Europe to Nigeria”, he said.