Maritime Report

July 26, 2018

Piracy attacks: Creation of independent Coastal Defence Force only solution – Borha

Piracy attacks: Creation of independent Coastal Defence Force only solution –  Borha


By Godfrey Bivbere
A maritime consultant and head analyst of C. A. BORHA (Management and Economic Services), Christopher Borha, has called for the creation of an independent Coastal Defence Force as permanent solution to the challenge of pirate attacks on the nation’s waterways.

Reacting to Vanguard Maritime Report’s lead story in its maiden edition, he said Nigeria’s inability to create the said force is responsible for the insistent attacks on the waterways.


He stated: “There is No conspiracy against Nigeria. What is against Nigeria is inability to create a Coastal Defence Force.

“This force can only be successfully created from the Nigerian Navy. “Please recall that the Nigerian Navy started as the Maritime Department of the Royal Navy, dedicated to performing functions now handled by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA). That was in 1887.

“Its mandate was Port Security, Coastal Approaches and Harbour Services. This was the state of affairs for 69 years.

“When the NPA was created in 1956, the Nigerian Navy went through several stages of evolution: Nigerian Naval Force, Naval Defence Force, Nigerian Navy Ordnance, Royal Nigerian Navy and finally Nigerian Navy, in 1963. (

“Even when the Nigerian Navy became a branch of the Armed Services with responsibility for security and deterrence operations at sea, it was limited to three nautical miles of territorial waters!

“The Nigerian Navy is now capable of open ocean application of the highest standards but it is still the pre-eminent force in coastal maritime security.

“It has a Special Boat Service Branch, created in 2006, dedicated to anti piracy operations within and outside our shores.

“There is a nascent Nigerian Navy Special Forces, highly trained at coastal maritime defence, ready (and waiting) to be deployed.

“The Policy Implication is this: carve the littoral capabilities of the Nigerian Navy, add those of the Marine Police and the Nigerian Army and create an independent Coastal Defence Force.

“Specify its mandate, work out the command and control process, analyse the Maritime Services for duplication of efforts and eliminate. Deploy the new Coastal Defence Force,” he concluded.