July 10, 2018

Ikeduru stakeholders endorse Dennis Okwu for Imo House

By Etop Ekanem

PEOPLES Democratic Party, PDP, House of Assembly aspirant for Ikeduru constituency in Imo State, Chief Dennis Okwu, has outlined his plans for his constituency if he gets the nod of the party leadership and by extension wins the election in 2019.

Okwu spoke at a gathering of party faithful and other Ikeduru stakeholders who paid him a solidarity visit at his Uzoagba country home to endorse his candidacy over the weekend.



The philanthropist and big time player in the freight forwarding business in Nigeria, who has in the years past awarded scholarships and regularly given support to widows and the indigent said he seeks public service power to extend his philanthropy and love for his humanity.

He said: “I don’t know what power is if not to impact on the lives of the people. I will focus on the welfare and social services at the Imo State House of Assembly for Ikeduru people.

“If you join me, together we can create a life in the whole of Ikeduru that is worth living. With my representation, our roads will be motorable, our children will get sound education while our farmers will get government support to improve on their farming.”

In his introductory remarks, a spokesperson for the group, Chief Vitalis Ogueri, commended the aspirant for his bold step to help in the improvement of lives for Ikeduru people politically at Imo House, adding that the people are solidly behind him.