July 18, 2018

He is playing with my emotions

He is playing with my emotions

Dear Bunmi,

MY current boyfriend is a medical doctor who works in a teaching hospital. We’ve been seeing each other for months and he’s been calling me less and less. When we first met, we couldn’t get enough of each other and I’m now afraid he’s losing interest.

The problem is, whenever I get so frustrated and I decide to give up on him, he calls me up, apologises and says he’s been very busy at work, then we meet up and have a wonderful time. Then I don’t hear from him again.

I really fancy this man, but the relationship will definitely not go anywhere if he makes no time for it – expecting me to be good and ready when he eventually shows up.

What do I do?


by e-mail.


Dear Oluchi,

Are you sure his busy schedule doesn’t include a wife or other girlfriends? What’s the point of being in a relationship if you hardly ever see each other? Why does he see you only when he’s at a loose end?

Until he’s willing to place you higher on his list of priorities, get busy with your own life and fill your own social calendar instead of hanging around and hoping he’ll call.

You may gain his attention if he realises you’re not moping when he is not around and you’re having fun without him.

That instead of being expected to drop everything any time he makes time for you, you could be meeting other eligible men.