June 29, 2018

Honda relaunches spacious City with exceptional fuel efficiency

Honda relaunches spacious City with exceptional fuel efficiency

Honda CR-V

By Theodore Opara

DETERMINED to give Nigerian customers the best in the compact sedan segment, Honda Automobile West Africa has unveiled the sixth generation Honda City into the Nigerian market. The new City which was unveiled at the Honda Place showroom along Oshodi Apapa expressway, comes loaded with an array of modern features that are hardly found in  other cars in. Bigger, faster, roomier, more comfort features and safer. Honda is using the new City to relaunch itself into the Nigerian market.

Speaking at the unveiling, Mr. Remi Adam of Honda Automobile West Africa said that the new City is a 2019 model which exceeds its class with best in class space and fuel economy. He said, “the new arrival builds on its predecessor’s exceptional safety, excellent dynamics, high fuel efficiency, cool design, comfortable spaces, advanced technology and practical equipment. The new City comes with low-gravity, wide stance and trend-setting styling with outstanding spaces. Totally, upgraded to a “4-door sedan with the best value”to catch consumers’ attention and open new horizons for the urban sedan. Considering the Honda philosophy of “Man Maximum, Machine Minimum”, the 2019 New City retains the agility of the 1.5L even as the up-class concept was adopted to create a  super-sized interior approaching that of a medium sedan.”

The 2019 City boasts of completely restyled front fascia with new Honeycomb Grille giving it a bold and aggressive look. The external styling embraces a new design philosophy of “Low center of gravity, wide stance” for sportier and more innovative look. Sleek lines on both sides of the body lend a unique look to the new Honda City. The new LED Time Running Light, DRL, adds luxury and class that immediately catches attention.

In addition to the front exterior changes, the rear bumper is now redesigned to give a premium feel. The rear tail-lights enhances the visibility and stance of the New City making its contour distinct from the crowd. Other exterior features include Front Grille, Halogen Headlights, Power Door Mirrors and Shark Fin Antenna. The new exterior finishing enhances the new model’s sense of agility and streamlined aesthetics.

All new City delivers generated interior space that exceeds its class by further evolving Honda’s “man maximum machine minimum” concept, which aims at maximum space available for people and minimising the space required for mechanical components. While maintaining compact dimensions and realising longer wheelbase, efficient use of space have been made for both  driver and occupants to create a spacious interior cabin with widest front seat space and rear seat space beyond its class.

The artistry in the 2019 City creates thoughtful interiors, with a new interior colour of black, the 2019 City contains a grand cabin space, extensive legroom, rear a/c ducts and an ergonomically designed cockpit that will delight all users.