June 27, 2018

‘Fantastic Numbers’ hits cinemas June 29

‘Fantastic Numbers’ hits cinemas June 29

By Juliet Ebirim

Fantastic Numbers, a movie from the stables of 2effect Pictures and distributed by Blue pictures is set to hit the cinemas, June 29th, 2018.

The movie, produced by Uzee Usman tells the story of twins who were separated at birth, bump into each other in a seemingly dramatic circumstance and became sworn enemies instead of brothers that they are.

In similar fashion, triplets who were thrown away by their biological mother led their separate lives until fate brought them together at a time they needed one another the most.

The movie which was directed by Paul Apel Papel features 2014 Best actress in Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) Ivie Okujaye, award winning actor and globacom ambassador Sani Danja, AMVCA 2017 best actor, Sambasa Nzeribe, actor and comedian Funny Mallam and Rahama Sadau.

According to the Executive producer who doubles as an actor and featured in the movie, Yakubu Mohammed, ‘Fantastic Numbers’ addresses cases of children who are rejected and thrown away by their parents because they appear to be a burden or have some questionable circumstances surrounding their birth. These children become orphans and are left to survive on their own.

“However, there are relationships that go wrong; we see women suffer in their relationships because the man in their lives is the only hope for survival and so they keep quite and swallow their bitter pill.”

The 35-million naira budget movie also strongly kick against impersonation, while attributing distrust as the bane of relationships.