June 6, 2018

Can we truly change?

Can we truly change?


By Sunny Ikhioya

THE past week, all over the world, witnessed the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan. The pomp and the glory, simplicity mixed with elegance and the organisation, super. But what did we take out of it as Africans and Nigerians in particular? I ask this question because all of our big men, particularly those in government, must have watched the live broadcast. It was on air for at least four hours on almost all of the international satellite television stations.

Depending on the angle from which you view it, watching television can be beneficial. That day, the whole world witnessed on television, the display of full racial integration. A black, divorced, senior to the groom actress, from a humble background, getting married to a prince, from the greatest symbol of royalty in the whole world, Great Britain.

Apart from the swearing in of Barak Obama as the President of the United States of America, no event symbolises the full integration of the black race like the wedding that just took place. It is noteworthy that, while people of other climes  are working hard at full integration and inclusiveness, we are over here tearing ourselves apart. Led by our bigoted representatives and politicians, we are working hard at separation. No one is thinking in the direction of nationhood. It is every man for himself, not minding the future consequences.

When Goodluck Jonathan  was in the saddle, he was accused of not doing enough to contain the Boko Haram insurgents because he is not from the North-East.  Muhammadu Buhari is there now and the Fulani herdsmen have gained ascendancy in the terror war. There is an attempt to foist the Arabic language, which is the language of Islam on our school curricula. For what purpose,  we don’t know.  The top echelon of all security organisations are dominated by people from a section of the country.

The educational progression of the country is skewed in favour of only a section of the country. The big and rich people are getting smaller in population, but getting richer in cash and assets, while the poor population is increasing daily but getting poorer and you expect there to be integration?

Our politics is no better. It is a winner takes all situation, let the losers die and the winners take all the spoils, no room for reconciliation, rebuilding and unity. How can there be reintegration? It is better we decide on how we want to run this federation now, so that future peace can be assured, because as it is now, some people are not ready for it. We must also realise that nothing can stop change when its time has come.

Several years ago, at a certain wedding of this nature, involving the mother of the groom, Princess Diana, the British royalty were very conservative and hard in their stance, contrast that with this one. The natural dynamics of living beings, is characterised by the movement of darkness towards light, from bad to good. No matter the attempt at suppression, no matter how long it takes, good will always overcome evil, that is the story of the black race in the USA, Europe and other parts of the world. The question now is: what is the black man doing to his fellow brothers? When we are in position of power and authority, what do we do with it? Have our leaders truly worked at uniting and integrating us as a nation? I have my doubt.

Still on the Harry and Meghan marriage ceremony, did we notice the behaviour of all of the important guests? Here is what a friend sent to me in one of the social media forums. I decided to quote the piece in full so that its essence will not be lost.”…..Good day, I have on  many occasions suggested that if people do not know what to do, they should watch television. Some have taken my advice and they have expressed surprise at what they learnt over a period of time.

This morning, I sincerely hope our Governors, their  wives, and aides, state Chiefs of Protocol, Chief Security officers and their men and women, protocol officials across the federation, security chiefs and bouncers, event planners and anybody associated with planning events in this country,  are watching the Royal Wedding going on now. More than an hour to the commencement, guests are already arriving, and being ushered in  with dignity and respect. The VIPs did not show up with their aides struggling to sit directly behind them. All seats have numbers and names on them.

No protocol or security officers running around aimlessly or looking confused. Every one involved knew exactly what to do and where to stay. Did you see the arrival of a former Prime minister and the distance he walked to the church? That’s what our VIPs hate to do. If you allow them, they would be driven into the church and carried to their seats. If you are not too busy, just watch for a while and see how a disciplined society and people behave. If you are a friend  or an associate to any of the officials mentioned above, please send this to him/her and encourage them to watch the Royal Wedding. Encourage them to pay attention to the humility, the dignity, respect and discipline of both the system, practice and those attending.”

And  a friend responded to the above as follows: “Gdmorn Sir. Dem all watched it on TV. But it makes no difference to who we are: indisciplined people who only believe that power is exalted by oppression. But see how they crumble when they don’t have power anymore. That is why they die or try to die in power. This country MUST go through a revolution..” What a lesson for our big men.

The late President JF Kennedy alluded to the fact that those who make peaceful change impossible, inevitably make violent change possible. Definitely, change will come to this part of our world, will it be in the lifetime of the current crop of leadership or will it be left for our children and grandchildren? Will it be a peaceful or violent change? This will depend on the foundation that we have laid. Is the foundation being laid now a good one or a bad one? Time will tell.

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