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Warning! Do NOT read This if You Have Poor Eye Sight!


By Mo Yusuf

(Health Activist)


So You Still went ahead to READ this even after the warning?

Well…If you are still reading this, my bet is that…

You Have Poor Eye Sight & You Are Wondering Why I Asked You NOT to Read This Article!”


But What I KNOW is this;

If You suffer From ANY Eye Sight Issues at all…Be It a growing glaucoma, cataracts, shortsightedness, longsighted, and whatever is making YOU to use eye glasses or have poor vision….


You Are LUCKY to Be On This Page!”

Why Did I Say So?

I Said So because after reading this page, you’ll discover how a very rare therapy will help get rid of one FEAR You are having at the depth of your mind…..


The Fear of Getting Blind!”


Yeah…I cant SEE you now but I’m very confident that you have that fear in you right now.


It is perfectly normal!

Every living human being has it in them, BUT those who have issues with their eyes have it MORE because they are having a “taste”of what TOTAL blindness is!

Do You Have to Wear Your Glasses Before You Do see Anything?”


Then you are already having a taste of what  total blindness looks like!


Forgive me if That Offended You….

But  there is a reason I said so, and here is why:


There are three Stages of blindness Your Doctor DON’T EVER & will NEVER tell You and here they are…


You start Seeing SIGHT Symptoms. You Have a Eye Problem (Hopefully Maybe  people just like you reading this are in this stage)



The Symptoms starts to become worse…your eye itches you…it becomes blurry…you can’t drive at night…you can’t read  properly.

At this stage the BLINDNESS is setting in and this where you need to act or it might sets in…



At this stage you can’t read at all! You Can’t see anything!

Your Wife, Your kids, your grandchildren, your favourite football club matches, you’ll NOT be able to see anything at all!


Can You Do Something For Me Now?

Close Your Two Eye For 1 Mins NOW”

Welcome back!

What do you see when you closed it?

I’m very sure all you saw was total DARKNESS, total void, and the ability not to sense what happening around you.

Am I Right?

That’s What Happens When You Are TOTALLY Blind!”

If you saw total DARKNESS & VOID, then that’s  the more reason you NEED to listen to me and read every bit of advice I give you so that you can prevent what you saw few mins from that happening, because even statistics by authoritative sources have proved that MILLIONS of Nigerians are on the verge of going blind in the next 2 years plus!

Don’t take my work for it, check the evidences below and know it’s an UNDISPUTED fact.

Here is one…

Here is another one…


Do you Believe me now?

Now that you’ve seen how IMPORTANT it is to looking a way to prevent yourself from going blind, let me briefly tell you a true life story of HOW I mistakenly discovered the RARE Chinese Therapy  that saved me from the shackles of BLINDNESS & Poor eyesight.


Who Am I?

My name is Mo Yusuf, an health activist who have made it a lifetime obligation to educate LISTENING Nigerians about the danger of living an unhealthy lifestyle especially people with poor eyesight using glasses and typical eye drops to “manage it” & how they  NATURALLY correct their Poor Eyesight without ANY side effects.


How Did I Become a Health Activist?

Since the age of 18 I have been suffering from poor eyesight issues.

The WORST Part is that  poor vision thing is hereditary  in my family so it made matters worse.



At the Age of 18, My Eyesight Got Damaged Because I Read All Night With Candles Because I want to Pass JAMB!”

We all know how hard it is to get admission in Nigeria, so I had to push myself hard, read hard and study hard to come out in flying colors because my parents where the headmaster and headmistress of my secondary school then and guess what…they too wore glasses.

So I joined them in wearing too But mine was quite different…

My Eye Glasses Was as Thick a Telescope’s Lens!”

Why was it thick?

Well…let’s just say after my J.A.M.B exam, I noticed I could not see things clearly, I noticed everything always looked blurry to me.


Hence, I suffered from blurry eyesight!


To make matters worse, I couldnt see anything far from me unless I wear glasses!


So my parents took me to the Optometrist for a proper diagnosis.


On getting to Optometrists office, one Dr Dare Alade, who uses glasses himself carried out the so-called“critical Diagnosis”and shook his head in disbelief and said….


Mr Yusuf, Sorry But You can NEVER Clearly UNLESS You Use a Very THICK Contact Lens!”


That single phrase was the most painful statement I have ever heard in my life & It BROKE my heart, I cried and cried all day all night after he told me that.


But I also made a promise to myself to tirelessly research and discover a working herbal therapy that will NOT only correct my poor eyesight but also CURE my eyesight issue…FOREVER!


For Over 9 Years My Family & I Spent Over 3 Million Trying To Solve My Terrible Eye Problem!”

That was how serious my issue was!

But because of the promise I (kept) to myself, for over 9 years I experimented with all sort of so-called “miracle curess”  JUST to get rid of this poor eyesight and see sharper.

I read all sort of Books, with all sort of “Promising” home remedy….NO SHOW!

  • I tried all sort of American stuffs…NADA!

  • I tired All Sort of Foul Herbs…NADA 

  • Tried All Sort of daily supplement…did they work? NO!


To Make Matters worse… 

My Eyesight Deteriorated Rapidly Because NONE of the What I Took WORKED for Me!”

In short my eyesight even became worse, in short,  I was even later diagnosed with developing Glaucoma!

So much for the Tablet’s, Eye Drop And Annoying Snake oil stuff I have been taking!”

  • My savings was burning up!

  • I was losing concentration at work because my eyes were failing me.

  • I Lost important relationships because of my poor eyesight.


To Make Matters worse…

I Got FIRED From Work Because I Was Making Silly Mistakes, Thanks To My Poor Eyesight!”

To say I was depressed was an understatement.

I was NOT myself!

I almost gave up on life!

All because of what?

All because of my poor eyesight?

It got so serious, I had to take some time off all worries of my life…sleeping and browsing to see if I can come across a solution to my serious problem…just like you are doing now.


After almost scrubbing  the whole online looking for the BEST  ways to get rid of by Eye Problems and No shows, something amazing happened to me…


All of a sudden, I Came Across a Website that revealed something powerful about correcting one’s eyesight…

Scientist Discovered a FIVE Miracle Leave That Can Correct Poor Eyesight!”

At first I was curious, I was VERY curious to KNOW this Miracle herb.

So I kept Digging..

That was when I discovered that 2,000 Years ago, there are about 5 herbs that can help correct poor eyesight and the MAJOR herb is one called….



Eye Bright Herb!”


So I kept researching then discovered that  Eye Bright Tea was a major herbal ingredient known for helping correct poor eyesight without any side effect at ALL.

I Was Still curious About The Potency of Eye Bright Herb until when I saw the herbal nutrients the leaf contains….


What’s Are the  Content of

Eyebright Herb?


Eye Bright Herb is a herbal Plant  that contains two very powerful ingredient zeaxanthin and lutein and the Eye FEEDS on this Nutritious ingredients


As if that is NOT enough....

The remaining 4 Ingredients are also very rich in super nutrients and Vitamins that will convert a man with a very terrible eyesight and give him or her  that super eyes that one will be happy about.

What Are This Ingredients?

Here is a very brief description of these 5 vital ingredients:


A flowering herb packed with a high level of beta carotene, and subsequently Vitamin A which helps protects the retina (the part of the eye that allows us to see) from damage.

Chrysanthemum is quite beneficial for different eye problems, like blurriness of vision, watery eyes, and spotty vision.

  1. Semen Cassiae:

Also known as Cassia Seed is from the fruit of a Chinese plant that works for all sort of Eye problem such hot eyes, swollen or painful eyes, blurred vision, photophobia and excessive tearing.

In  traditional Chinese medicine it’s used to detoxify the body form toxins!

3. Green Tea (Selenium Rich Tea):

Selenium Rich Tea, alias “Green Tea” is known for it’s very powerful antioxidants which help correct poor eyesight.

It contains catechins and other antioxidants which includes vitamin c, vitamin E, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, which are known to protect the delicate tissues of the eye from glaucoma and other chronic eye diseases.

4. Chinese Wolfberry (Goji Berry):  

Chinese wolfberry is a native Chinese deciduous shrub with bright red berries.

Its used in traditional medicine and food in China.

It contains carbohydrates, fat, dietary fiber, sugar, and protein.

The minerals and vitamins found in goji berries include sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, vitamins C and carotene which protect the eyes from free radicals that cause loss of eyesight, cataracts and other eye related disorders.

  1. Eye Bright Tea (Euphrasia):

A rich plant scattered in areas where snow is common e.g. the Alps.

It is invigorating and restorative and the actions are anti-catarrhal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and astringent.

This is the MIRACLE herbs that Ancient Chinese emperors used to make use they have a very sharp eyesight.

Now I knew there is something that can work & Correct my poor eyesight and I was eager to get it…

So I kept digging and I discovered that for me to get all of this Wonderful Wonder together, it have to come in form of a Tea called “Eye Bright Tea

This MIRACLE working tea have ALL of the 5 MAJOR herbal ingredients CONBINED!

So there is NO HOW One will not have a clear eye sight using it!

But it CAN NOT Be Found In Nigeria.

So How DO I get That In Nigeria?

So I kept searching for how to get it

So What Did I Do?

I Kept searching for the BEST product…

What If I Told You That All 5 Ingredients Are Available  In One Easy To Take Formula?

YES there exist one BUT it was NOT after I scrub the WHOLE internet for two months that I discovered it, and I kid you not my friend, it works like magic.

So Whats This Miracle Herbal Therapy?


Eye Bright Tea”

Eye Bright Tea™ is a 2,000 yrs old herbal  tea therapy specially blended in the People’s Republic of China in the prestigious laboratory regulated and certified by the China Food And Drug Administration (CFDA).

This laboratory has created a unique blend of this tea featuring several plants used by herbalists in China for centuries to treat eye infections.

When You Take Eye Bright Tea, it Instantly…

  • “Washes” Your Eye,

  • Restores Your Sight,

  • And Keeps It In Top Shape

Here’s a list of what it does for your eyes:

  • It protects the optic nerve from damage!

  • It improves intracellular eye metabolism!

  • It protects against the formation of cataracts!

  • It stops macular degeneration thereby preventing loss of eyesight!

  • It protects the lens proteins and proteases from damage by sunlight!

  • It helps in the production and maintenance of collagen which prevents glaucoma!

  • It is vital for the normal lens function, night vision, and maintenance of the retina!

  • It even helps correct crossed eyes (the disorder in which the eyes don’t look in exactly the same direction at the same time) by up to 50%!

There’s more

Thousands of people who have used and still use this tea blend report:

  • It soothes tired and inflamed eyes!

  • It dries up secretions and relieves inflammation of the mucous membranes!

  • It relieves runny eyes!

  • It improves visual acuity in nearsightedness!

  • It improves night vision and weak eyesight!

It Took Me Over 90 Days to Get

This Miracle Working Tea

When I Discovered this Miracle Working tea I’m tell You About, I hurriedly called my Uncle who reside in China to see if he can get It for me.

It took the poor man 3 weeks to get me something good, he got 6 packs of this Highly Effective herbal tea that contains Eye Bright Herbs and the other 5 top secret effective herbs and sent it to me here in Nigeria.

It Was Expensive But Worth 10X Its Value!”

Each of the pack cost me N27,000 (N27,000 x 6=> 162,000) and shipping through DHL cost me an EXTRA 40,000, so total cost was about N202,000!

(Dont be afraid, You’ll NOT Spend HALF of what I spent lol)

It took about 2 months  for it to arrive in Nigeria, and as soon as it landed I started using it……

At First I Didn’t See Any Visible Result…BUT”

Truth be told, the first week I started using I didn’t see any visible results.

I was even thinking it was just another scam. But I still persisted and kept using it…at least it’s a “Therapy” and NOT a “Miracle” unlike the way Pharmaceutical companies will blatantly LIE to you!

So I kept using it for OVER 4 weeks then the MAGIC started happening…

   “My Blurry Eyesight Started Fading Away!”

It was so amazing…

It Was like a MIRACLE to me!

After using this powerful Tea for JUST 4 weeks,

  • I could Now Read Any Text Clearly No Matter HOW Tiny it is!

  • I Could See Clearly Even While Driving on Ibadan Express Way in the NIGHT, This Was Worth GOLD!

  • I Could Watch My Beloved FOOTBALL Matches.

  • My Vision was as Clear as an Eagles Eye!

I Was FINALLY Free From The Bondage of Poor Eyesight Without Taking ANY Smelly Herbs, Any FAKE Drugs…All Thanks to This RARE 2,000 Yrs Old Chinese Tea Formula”

Look let me be blunt with you, if you KNOW you are still using glasses, if you know you have a developing glaucoma, if you know you DONT see clearly while driving at night or whatever, then let me confess to you

Eye Bright Is Your Saving Grace!”

Look, the typical things like eye glasses, eye drops or surgery are even causing more harm than good, take it from someone who have been there and done that.

What I can tell you it, Eye Bright Tea will work faster, better and more naturally than all those harmful chemicals your doctor gives you.

Don’t take My word for it, here what people who have used it are saying.

As if that’s NOT Enough

“Eye Bright Tea Is NOT Only RECOGNIZED By NAFDAC, But Recognized By FDA, CMP and a certified HALAL Product”

So You Are Fully Covered

How Does Eye Bright Tea ACTUALLY Works?

When you take this solution that is in form of a tea; it does the following:


1) First, it Detoxifies/Flushes your digestive system from the toxins FAKE and BAD drugs have deposited in your body system.

2) NEXT, it repairs the optic nerves that have been damaged over time by the use of glasses, drugs again and again, in order to relieve you off pains or itches you might be having and.

3) FINALLY restores your eyesight and revitalizes it so that your sight  will never be affected, no matter the type of illness you face.


In Fact

It Works Just Like The Way Panadol Works For Headache!”

Thanks to the 5 ‘super herbs’  in the Eye Bright Tea, in fact these 5 super foods is even have a tremendous impact on the health of your eyes and your body..

BEST PART: It does JUST Only Correct Your Eyesight, it Also

  • Reduces Your High Blood Pressure Without Taking Anything, because even High Blood Pressure do cause glaucoma!

  • Helps You DETOX Your Body Fat So You Can Look Younger, Healthier and More Vibrant.

  • Finally it helps Flushes Toxins Away From the Arteries & The Veins, So that You can NEVER have Stroke!

Despite the fact this Herbal Tea is JUST so amazing, I have to come clean to you

It Will NOT Correct Your Poor Eyesight OVERNIGHT!”

YES! You heard that right, Eye Bright Tea is NOT one Sharp-Sharp “Juju” that cures your eyesight OVERNIGHT like most pharmaceutical will companies promises.

Rather, it Gradually…

FLUSH off Toxins From Your Every Part of Your Body Correct The Irregularities in Your Vision So You Can Start Seeing Well.

And a continuous usage will NOT only make your eyes as sharp as an EAGLE’S Eyes, it will make you HEALTHY and Active any time you take it.

In summary…

If You Want to DUMP Your Glasses This Year  Eye Bright Tea is Your Golden Ticket”

I am Very sure you are thinking…

  • Is this “Miracle” Eye Bright Tea real?

  • Can It Work For Me?

  • Will It Correct My OWN Eye Problem?

Dear friend, trust me, I have been in your shoes, and I must confess this Eye Bright Tea is the Real deal and it works like crazy…

Its fine if you do not believe me even after all these proofs I have given you you..may be you love to go blind…


BUT…If you are Sure You are using Glasses or Your have any Eye issues, then you should GET Eye Bright tea right away.

I will advise you to DO ANYTHING within your power to GET it today.’


See, let me confess to you…when I ordered for the Eye Bright Tea, it cost me a whooping N200,000 PLUS for a 6 month supply, and I was HAPPY to PAY BEFORE DELIVERY.

But I had to BEGGED the marketing company in charge to PLEASE allow all customers that ordered from me PAY ON DELIVERY, because they don’t usually do Pay On Delivery.

But I have Both Good News and BAD News for You

We Have Just 19 Packs Of Eye Bright Tea In Stock!

The Question now is…

Will You Be Among Them?

Well…only you alone can answer that…

How Can You Get the Miracle Eye Bright Tea Today Before We Run Out of Stock?

Before I go on to tell you the cost of getting the Eye Bright Tea…

Let me tell you UPFRONT the I have GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS for you….




Originally, one PACK of Eye Bright Tea Originally COSTS N27,000 per pack (contains 20 Tea Bags).


The Reputable marketing firm (Netking Marketing LTD) I partnered with is doing an Fast Action BONANZA for action takers like you.  

The BAD News…

This offer will ONLY last for JUST 48 Hours!

After which the price will revert back to N27,000, so if you miss on this offer TODAY, you will not get the chance to get Eye Bright Tea at this affordable price.

That is NOT All…

Do you know that the Eye Bright Tea Today, you’ll Get The Follow Bonuses?


FREE GIFT #1: Shipping and Delivery! =N=2,500 to =N=3,000 Value!

Usually we DONT DO Pay On Delivery, But we are willing to take the risk and ship it to you no matter where you stay.

This will cost you over =N=5,000

Many companies reduce the price of their products, only to charge you with outrageously expensive delivery fees that are FAR more than the actual cost, is beyond me.

We Are Different!

When you buy anything from us, you pay nothing for shipping and handling for first class service.

FREE GIFT #2: UNLIMITED 24/7 Access to The  Eye Bright Care Centre Hotline: =N=25,000 Value!

To further sweeten the offer, I am giving you a 2nd FREE Gift (worth $59).

While you’re trying Eye Bright Tea ™ for 30 days, you can also call our Eye Bright Care Centre hotline, where you can ask ANY QUESTION on eye care you have and we will waive the =N=25,000 consulting fees.

FREE GIFT #3: Eey Food Booster: Delicious Food Time Table & Free 4 Weeks Training For a Sharper Eyes! =N=8,500 value!

Because I feel so strongly that Eye Bright Tea™ will make such a dramatic and remarkable difference, to your healthin double quick time

I have decided to also send you a FREE copy of our Food Time Table For clearer Eye Sight Because the contain all the Nutrients You Need for a brighter Eyesight, the best part is that they are food you and I eat daily!

You’ll Also be getting a free 4 weeks training that will take you by  the hands and show you how to NATURALLY get a Free EYE SIGHT!

Once Your Order, you’ll get all this package sent to you almost instantly!

FREE GIFT #4: Instant Secret Access to Our Special  Customers Club!

This is a special club made for only customers and it’s totally exclusive, which means not anyone can join, so if you by the Eye Bright Tea Right now, you’ll get instant access to that club.

As If That is Not Enough, to show you how confident I am about Eye Bright tea, you are covered by My…


90 Days No Super Story, Take It To The Bank Money Back Guarantee!”

What Does This Means?

Meaning if it does not work for you AFTER 90 days, call our customer care line here: then present your evidence and we will INSTANTLY refund your money back without questions!

We will rather give you money back with CLEAN CONSCIENCE , than sell you something that don’t work for you and get caused.

End of Story!

IN FACT you’ll never find ANYTHING like this in ANYWHERE in Nigeria!

I’m so confident about this because I’ve done an EXTENSIVE search and I have NEVER seen anything like the Eye Bright Tea herbal tea!

So How Much Will The Eye Bright Tea Cost You?

So if you order for Eye Bright Tea in the next 48 hours, instead of paying N27,000 per bag, you’ll JUST pay JUST…..

         Option #1


(One Month Supply N22,500 For Just Two Bags

Instead of N54,000)

This is BEST for those with a developing poor eyesight, Blurry Eyesight, Itching Eyes.


                               Option #2



(2 Month Supplies 40,000 For 4 Bags Instead of N108,000)

Best for Those with Chronic Cataracts, Glaucoma, Night Blindness and Night Vision.


If you go for Option 2 You’ll a FREE herbal Eye Drop to Fasten the healing process! 


How Can You Place Your Order Today?

Choose From The Three Method Below To Order For Your Eye Bright Tea TODAY While the Offer Lasts!

Option #1

Pay On Delivery

To Avoid the Fear of Scam..We Do Cash on Delivery!

How to Order Right NOW!

Send the Following as SMS or Whatsapp to=> 09095159064

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(1)Option One (2 Packs Of Eye Bright Tea!)==> N22,500

  1. Option Two (4 Packs of Eye Bright Tea+ Free Herbal Eye Drop!) => N40,000

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order ASAP

Option #2

Pick Up At Our Office

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  2. Come to Our Office & Pick Up Your Order

You Are Covered By a 90 Days No Story Money Back Guarantee!”

Remember You Are Covered By a 90 days money back Guarantee if you use it and it does not work for you.

All you need to do is Make You Case & We Will look into it and Send Your Money Back With No Issues.

Delivery Time

  • LAGOS=> 24-48 HOURS


Is N22,500 TOO Much To Protect Your Eyes?

If You Think N22,500 or N40,000 is TOO MUCH to prevent you from going blind, Here’s What I Want You To Know…

When you start having problems with your vision, it start as a “tiny” ignore eye problem be it shortsightedness, Farsightedness,Glaucoma, Lazy Eye (Amblyopia),cross-eye (Strabismus), eye Strain or Macular Degeneration.


As you grow old…as you STRAIN your eyes and stress it, it becomes weak..then start deteriorating….

Then It Gets Worse!

Before you know it…..

  • You Are BLIND!
  • You can’t See ANYTHING again!
  • You can’t READ!
  • You Can’t Watch Football!
  • You can’t Watch Telemundo!
  • You Can’t Enjoy the Beauty of Life!

You CAN’T Experience Life Anymore!”

This is the ultimate result of poor eye sight, no matter what type it is, no matter how minor it is now…if you don’t take care of it NOW, it will become major.

And when it’s start getting very bad be ready to spend close to 1 Million Naira.

The Choice is Yours!

Right Now, It either:

OPTION #1: You IGNORE All What You Have Just Read & continue taking TOXIC drugs and keep HOPING your “Thick Eyeglasses” or your Eye Drop will somehow correct your poor eyesight, and keep spending money on what have not been working and come back here when we shoot up the price back to the original price of N54,000…


OPTION #2: Get It Right Now, Save Yourself from Going BLIND so you can living a healthy life where you are free to do all the things you love and be happy forever with the eye bright as your daily supplement!

I Know You’re a Smart Person Who Wants Happiness , that’s why you’ll choose OPTION 2!

So Better Hurry & Place Your Order Right Now Before We Are Our Of Stock…

How Can You Place Your Order Today?

Choose From The Three Method Below To Order For Your Eye Bright Tea TODAY While the Offer Lasts!

Option #1

Pay On Delivery

To Avoid the Fear of Scam..We Do Cash on Delivery!

How to Order Right NOW!

Send the Following as SMS or Whatsapp to=> 09095159064

**Eye Bright Tea** Option you want**Full Name**Phone number**Delivery Address**Local Govt**state**

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(1)Option One (2 Packs Of Eye Bright Tea!)==> N22,500

  1. Option Two (4 Packs of Eye Bright Tea+ Free Herbal Eye Drop!) => N40,000

Once we receive your details, one of our agents will confirm the order, and We dispatch your order ASAP

Option #2

Pick Up At Our Office

Do You Reside In Lagos? Do You have any Body In Lagos?

Then you can come to our office to pick up your order.

Our Address is at: Suite 207-209 Tawakalitu Memorial Shopping Complex, Km 22, Lasu/Isheri Express Road.

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  2. Come to Our Office & Pick Up Your Order

You Are Covered By a 90 Days No Story Money Back Guarantee!”

So there you go…

I Hope this information was very helpful.

For Any Inquires,

Kindly call 09095159064

Your Friend

Mo Yusuf


Comments expressed here do not reflect the opinions of vanguard newspapers or any employee thereof.