May 30, 2018

Sona Group tasks industries on opportunities offered by African markets

Stories by Princewill Ekwujuru

SONA Group Industries, a diversified conglomerate and a key player in Nigeria’s industrial growth has called on stakeholders in the industrial sector to take advantage of the vast opportunities in the Africa market to embrace and promote Made in Nigeria products.

Speaking at the Food West Africa 2018, Chairman, SONA Group, Mr. Arjan Mirchandani, said: “The future of Africa is based on self-sufficiency, locally made products and the Nigeria market is not an exemption, which is the major reason we emphasize Made in Nigeria products.

“The chain of distribution in the market is expensive, with importation taking the chunk of it; therefore by making our products locally, not only do we cut cost but we can also export, which in the long run, lifts the standards of Nigerian products and enhance growth in the industry,” he stated.

Mirchandani also spoke on the versatility of the average Nigerian which he said is a key factor in relating with the Nigerian market system. In his words: “Nigerians are very aggressive, innovative, and courageous with great potentials; and these traits are clearly seen in how we maintain a lead role in a highly competitive business environment.”

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Sona Group, Mr. Ashok Manghnani,, “The situation of the Nigerian market is changing, with expansion being a vital aspect in this changing economy. We are expanding at a rate of 100 percent, every year our capacity is increasing; operation is on a higher level and this is evident in our impact on the economy.”