May 22, 2018

Nigeria’s first online biographical work debuts

Nigeria’s first online biographical work debuts

By Soni Daniel
Abuja – For the first time in Nigeria, an online biographical databank has been established to chronicle the work of scholars, researchers, government officials, historians, diplomats and top players in the private sector of the economy.

The work, which is the brain child of Biographical Legacy ad Research Foundation, BLERF, is packaged by an editorial board made up of renowned historians, journalists, researchers and writers.

The Editor-in-Chief of BLERF’s WHO’s WHO, Mr. Nyaknno Osso, and one-time NewsWatch’s Editor of WHO’s WHO, told Vanguard that the project was meant to capture influential, famous, eminent, renowned and celebrated Nigerians at home and abroad and give them their rightful places in history.

“The entire project is aimed at establishing a strong reference link with libraries in Nigeria and coordinate their biography holdings, such as books, documentaries, videos, journals and clippings for easy retrieval for researchers, historians and all those seeking information on eminent Nigerians,” Osso told Vanguard.

“BLERF’s WHO’s WHO in Nigeria online is a timeless work-in-progress with continuous updating of entries to accommodate new information as they occur.

“BLERF will also create an outstanding and memorable website that will become a dependable reference source of role models for our young men and women since it is believed that ‘the secrets of men are in their stories’”, the said.

Osso, who worked on the Obasanjo Presidential Library until 2013, said that the project would also promote Nigeria’s heritage and promote the country’s legacy.