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May 2, 2018

How much should least paid Nigerian worker earn? (1)

New minimum wage: Katsina inaugurates negotiating committee

If Nigerian workers  can earn more than N65, 000, it can solve most of their problems. However, it will increase the prices of goods and services.  The solution is for the Federal  Government  to  regulate  the economy by providing stable electricity to encourage industrilisation.
Miss Bunni  Ajayi Gospel  Artiste

Which work are our  Senators doing that warrants them to be heavily paid? The wage bill can pay scores of our graduates.
The workers’ salaries should be increased by 100 per cent and our leaders should remember the judgment day.
Mr. Oyebamiji Taofeeq, Poultry farmer

The government is  being partial as regards the minimum wage in the sense that those in top positions are entitled to certain allowances.
The worst part of it is that the Nigerian Labour Congress ,NLC, is divided and can no longer fight for workers. The minimum wage should be N50,000.
Mr Adetilola Saheed Teacher

It is good that the labour union is  fighting for a new minimum wage for workers. Some states cannot pay the current N18,000 minimum wage. How will they pay the new wage? I’m suggesting N50,000 as the new minimum wage so that workers can meet their economic needs. Compare to other countries, Nigerian workers are the least paid.
Mr. Victor Akaba, Politician

Let the federal  government pay N25,000 for a start, because the cost of commodities in the market is on the high side. N18,000 cannot take care of a single person, and the government should also be ready to review the wage periodically.
Miss Cecilia Ajie Graduate.

I think the average  Nigerian worker should earn more than N120, 000 because our currency has lost its value. The economic situation in the country is not friendly and issues like house rent, feeding, utility bills, and transportation among others consume money more than in the past.
Mr. Otunba Saheed, Self-employed

By Bose Adelaja, Ebun Sessou & Frederick Okopie