May 28, 2018

JN-CAC launches National Day of Mourning

JN-CAC launches  National Day of Mourning

herdsmen killings

LEADERS of Civil Society Joint Nigeria Crisis Action Committee, JN-CAC, will today in Abuja, launch National Day of Mourning, denouncing the level of impunity and frequency of violent killings in the country in recent times.

A statement by Chidi Odinkalu, Yemi Adamolekun, Abiodun Baiyewu, Ier Jonathan-Ichaver and Auwal Musa (Rafsanjani) on behalf of the Co-Ordinating Committee of JN-CAC, said the day of national mourning would witness a set of activities for remembrance, solidarity and awakening to the challenges confronting the nation.

According to the group, the day will be marked by a series of symbolic actions such as “mourning at Unity Fountain, Abuja. As a sign of our collective mourning, citizens will organise and hold solemn assemblies and ‘Say their names’ ceremonies across the country.

“We will, from May 28, commence the dispatch of citizen-led humanitarian convoys to sites of mass killings and displacements across the country. We will call on the Nigerian government and its agencies to provide protection to these convoys and will enlist the communities through and to whom we will be going to defend the rights of Nigerians to show solidarity with one another.

“We invite all Nigerians to wear black on May 28, or at least a black arm band, or black ribbons as a symbol of solidarity.”

The group lamented that “the level of impunity and frequency of violent killings in Nigeria in recent times is a source of grave concern to citizens and all people who wish our country well.

“Even with the suppression of information on these killings, it is quite clear that the toll of killings has risen dramatically in recent times.

“From Abia to Zamfara, Nigerians wake up daily to fresh news of mass atrocities which are barely acknowledged by government and a vast majority of fellow citizens. This is an anomaly that must end.

“As a country, we seem to have normalised the violent killings of our own citizens and the pillage of our communities. Reports have reduced human lives lost to mere numbers that are bandied and argued about without thought of properly accounting

for them, or according them dignity by naming them.

“Politicians who should be interested in currying our ballots are manifestly unconcerned.”