May 25, 2018

Is Africa ripe for digital revolution?

Is Africa ripe for digital revolution?

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If you have been keeping a note on Africa, you would see just how much the continent is progressing in the last decade. Nations like Kenya and South Africa are witnessing a ripe digital growth – which is propelling their economy forward. It’s this digital revolution that we will take a look at below.

The African Civilization Africa is the cradle of man, and yet, often it has been labelled as the most backward continent in the world. In the early days, it was the home of civilizations. However, today, the continent still remains inconsistent in its growth.

To be fair, there was a lot that was holding the continent back – poor politics, infrastructure and corruption. Now, things have begun to change.

The power of digital revolution is sinking in. With internet access and high tech devices, Africa is now significant on the map of the planet. Other countries are looking at it for everything from manpower to skills.

The Top Things that is Bringing About a Change in Africa

Here are some factors that show just how Africa is ripe for digital revolution.

  1. 1. Education and technology

These are the two great equalizers of life. The reality o the digital error is finally making changes in the formal education. Though the quality of education is still wanting, the technology should be part of the solution. By use of information and communication technology (ICT), this will lead to a boom.

The changes are happening both inside and outside the school. The irresistible digital revolution Access to digital products such as mobile phones also called smart-phones is making internet available for all.

A good percentage of Africans own smartphones today. The good thing is that the prices are going down, and soon the even rural people will be able to own one, which will help the region to prosper more. Given the features of the mobile phones, people are able to share and learn from the developed continents.

  1. 2. Digital network connection

Since the digital network is proving to rise, the Africa continent is more confident. It has chances to make it big in the world. Most of the possibilities have opened up . It is now part of the global market when it comes to making very important contributions.

  1. 3. The cropping up of industries and factories

Thanks to the global investment of companies and venture capitalist firms, there is an increased in flow of money into the African economy. Investors who invest in Africa employ the locals to work in those firms.

Here, employees learn and pick up from them. It’s a positive growth where loyalists take charge and creates room for more employment.

  1. 4. Infrastructure

Africa needs infrastructure and the governments are focusing on it to build up the economy. Infrastructure innovations are easing up the movements, with a major focus on new roads, railways and aircrafts.

It is expected that Africa will register improvements everywhere – from education, agriculture, health, political spheres to tourism, and a lot of that will happen from technology.