EFCC must conduct thorough investigation before embarking on arrests. Not everyone in a night club is a Yahoo boy. So it is important to ascertain the identity of those involved before arrest. If they are able to ascertain that criminal activities take place in any night club, they have a right to raid the night club.
Mrs. Adeola Awogbemi, Consultant

*End of the road for suspected fraudsters

It has the right because it is a law enforcement agency. In most cases, it can easily identify Yahoo boys.
The boys are scammers, who have subjected many people to pains. They are heartless people, who should not be spared by the law. How they are apprehended should not be an issue.
Mr. Ila Jimoh, Businessman 

EFCC has the right to enter night clubs, beer palours and relaxation centres in search of  ‘Yahoo boys’ because they are easily found there. We should not be bothered about their locations, what matters is that they are arrested and prosecuted and EFCC has the right to fish them out of their hiding places. 
Mr. Okoye Michael, Engineer

I am not a lawyer so I can’t give a professional verdict on the matter but I think security operatives who want to arrest Yahoo boys’ should do so when there is an existing case between them and those allegedly defrauded. Going to a night club to arrest the ‘boys’ for me, is taking the issue somewhat far. Besides, what shows they are ‘Yahoo boys’? Was their presence in the club causing public disturbance?
Mr.Odimegwu Onwumere, Worker

The EFCC has powers to do sting operation to prevent financial fraud. They can raid clubs where they believe financial crimes are being committed. They will profile them and those without incriminating evidence should be released. Just like the Police Act, the process of getting criminals may be wrong but their arrest is legitimate. The police are empowered to arrest when there is enough suspicion that a crime is to be committed or being committed.Yemi Fakayejo, lawyer

Even if it is in a church or mosque, law enforcement agents have the right to arrest any suspect. I hope they did not shoot in the process of arrest if they did, it is wrong. Night clubs should not be hideouts for criminals. Nigerians should discourage anything that encourages crime.
Bayo Adetu, Worker

By Bose Adelaja, Ebun Sessou & Frederick Okopie

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