April 18, 2018

Smile gives customers 1GB data for 1yr

By Tare Youdeowei

Smile Nigeria, one of the broadband providers in Nigeria, has introduced a value added service where its customers will enjoy free 1GB data daily for 365days on a minimum of 500MB daily usage from their paid bundle.

Dubbed Get 1GB FREE Daily for 365Days, Smile says the service is specifically designed for customers that have not used their Smile device in the last 90days.

According to Smile, “The service ensures that those who use a minimum of 500MB in a day from their paid bundle will get 1GB free data for use the next day. The ubiquitous nature of the offer extends to the fact that data can be used for voice, internet, video streaming and SMS. Another attraction of the offer is that data utilization is any time of the day.”

In a similar development, Smile has given its customers an opportunity to have their faulty devices replaced at no additional cost to them from Monday 3rd April, 2018 customers can swap their faulty Smile devices for free.