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Nigeria’s Current Population: Asset or liability?

It means wealth to me. Government policies notwithstanding, I can make my millions from the population and get out of daily complaint of unfavourable and obnoxious government policies. Population is wealth.
*Oyedele Foluke olubunmi,  Public servant.

Statistics by experts show that by2040, Nigeria’s population growth would have quadruplewithout commensurate amenities and employment to sustain it

An unengaged youth will be a menace to the society. Conversely, an engaged youth population is a great asset. With the current trend in population pattern, the youths, if not properly engaged, will rise against this society. Half of the 198 million people are youths that could help lift our society to the desired heights.
*Mr Olusesan Ekisola, Broadcaster

The figure is incorrect and I think it is an assumption and this is unacceptable to many Nigerians. Nigeria Population Commission should tell us how it arrived at such a huge figure.
*Evang Ola Gospel, Gospel artist

It’s two-pronged in my opinion. It’s both positive and negative. Positive in the sense that it connotes a bigger market for products and services. It’s a strategic entrepreneur’s dream. And as it is, we have the population scale tilting towards the youths. It’s a good opportunity for a nation that can utilise it.
*Miss Ayobami Adewuyi, Linguist

Do  we have the infrastructure to cater for this mass? What will happen now? I hope various governments will rise to the occasion and do the needful so that what should be a blessing don’t turn out to be a curse.
-Otunba Dayo Ajiteru Broadcaster

We are still counting because many people are yet to give birth this year. The population is no big deal. The alarming rate of unemployment suggests that the government should see the latest figure as a call to provide good governance.

*Mrs. Kofoworola Onasanya, Public servant


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