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London high tech coy says internet services critical to Africa’s development

ONEm Communications, a London-based high tech firm on Wednesday said it planned to expand its internet service to Africa to ensure connectivity among rural people without internet services.

Media Officer Myhoa Tien made this known in a statement made available on its website in Abuja on Tuesday.

“ONEm Communications is bringing internet-like services to millions of people without the internet.

“This will enable ordinary mobile system users engage in group communication with each other like people do on the internet.

“The London high-tech firm plans expansion in Africa through licensing and local partnerships.

“African business concerns are currently discussing licensing rights and partnerships. The move will see advanced services for rural Africa spread throughout the continent.

“Africa is a very big and diverse continent. Reaching all rural areas needs significant funding and formidable technical challenges.

“However, the ONEm’s solution utilises existing infrastructure to deliver innovative services to rural communities.’’

Tien said the mobile internet would allow people share, exchange information anywhere, and help them interact with applications for content and services.

He also said that the organisation had developed a block chain that would encourage internet communication with mobiles,  it would enable people create, own their own content.

“Africa has the talent and resources to develop services that reach all rural areas today and half of the world’s population is without internet.

“ONEm’s technology lets applications interact with mobiles without the internet. The technology transforms ordinary voice and Short Message Service (SMS) into powerful interactive tools.

“ONEm’s framework lets developers create interactive applications for content and services which are relevant in the local market.

“ONEm has also developed a block chain technology accessible over SMS to support unique applications. There are countless block chains SMS applications that will usher in life changing innovations,” he said.

He added that governments were keen to deploy ONEm platform as a way to provide rural access to critical services.

Tien said that ONEm could provide nationwide interactive services in security, health, education and commerce, adding that users needed a basic mobile and could get access to vital information interactively using SMS, voice.

“ONEm is currently in discussions with Mobile Operators to deploy ONEm services to make their core voice and SMS more internet-like.

“This innovation enriches the user’s experience and gives these core assets greater values. More than 20 mobile operators have connections with ONEm with many more in the pipeline.”



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