April 27, 2018

Expert tasks engineers on hydro-phonic method of communication

Dr Saheed Aremu, the Managing Director, Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority, Ilorin has challenged engineers to develop hydro-phonic method of communication to alternate the existing electromagnetic wave.

Aremu made the call in Ilorin on Friday while presenting the 2018 Annual Public Lecture of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Ilorin Branch.

Newsmen report that the title of the presentation is “Humans, Water Use and Engineering: An Overview’’.

He explained that research had proved water communication (hydrophones) was possible as signals could be sent from one place to the other with aid of water equipment.

“It is a subject of regard; hydrophonic method of communication; that is instead of using electromagnetic wave we are using as engineers, we should be able to develop hydro-phonic equipment of talking from one place to the other.

“If we have any water, we should be able to send signals from one place to the other. We can even interface this with air; that is from one water body through the air to another water body.

“So I see it is a feat we should invent as engineers,” he said.

Aremu said the role of engineers was to fully explore the potential of water to the benefit of mankind and prevent negative natural and man-made impacts.

He said that water over time had proven to be an indispensable friend to human, adding it also could be an enemy at time due to its harmful effect in disaster, waste and diseases.

According to him, studies have shown that 90 per cent of all natural disasters universally are water related.