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Your destiny is in the hands of the people not Buhari, Yahaya Bello told

In his reaction to a statement credited to the Kogi State governor wherein he said that “……if President Buhari asks me to jump into fire, I will not hesitate to jump into it”‎, National Chair ‎of the Kogi State Youth Roundtable, Comrade Austin Usman Okai on Friday in Calabar advised Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello to downplay any lucid thoughts, creative imagination, implied suggestion or even blanket assurance that his relationship with President Muhammadu Buhari is all that is necessary to return him for a second term as governor of Kogi State.

Gov Yahaya Bello

Comrade Okai while addressing a coalition of students and other youth groups on the imperatives of being alive to their civic ‎duties vis-a-vis the not too young to run ideology made a classic example of Kogi State as where a new generation of young leaders must emerge before it is too late.

According to Comrade Okai, “the Kogi State Governor has lost every iota of purposeful and direction. ‎What we have in Kogi State is worse than Somalia. The man is in power inside government house but he is not in charge of the affairs of state.

Those in charge are the worst apples in the basket. They have disconnected from the people they should lead. they has failed themselves, the people and the youth of Nigeria.”

Continuing, Comrade Okai remarked that “Gov. Bello consistently refused to see the big picture and today, he believes reducing himself of the assistant janitor of Aso Rock will give him a return ticket.

‎His short political destiny is not in the hands of President Buhari. It is in the hands Kogi people. It has been decided and sealed. If he gets the APC ticket, He will encounter an epic organized resistance at the polls.”

‎On the concluding part of the statement wherein Gov. Bello said “they are saying I have problem with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu; that is why I supported tenure elongation. I have no problem with Asiwaju. He is my leader‎ and President Buhari is the leader of all….”, Comrade Okai noted that Gov. Bello is new in the area of sychopancy.

According to Him, “Bello is new in the art of sychopancy. He’s an amateur praise singer. Not only is He new, He is an unintelligent and a very slow learner who due to sheer inexperience does not know where to draw the line and which fight not to get into.”

Comrade Okai noted that “but for democracy and free speech, Yahaya Bello is not qualified to serve water at the table where statesmen as Bola Tinubu are having dinner. Not only has Tinubu been a senator, He is the architect of modern Lagos and has nurtured what was a tribal party into a national brand. What did Yahaya Bello achieve for himself as an individual before He became governor?”

He concluded by saying that “rather than picking all kinds of fights and making more enemies for President Buhari who has his own assignments clearly cut out, Gov. Bello should commit whatever time he has left to salvaging His already battered image on the home front by ensuring payment of backlog of salaries and other benefits to civil servants, securing Kogi State against robbery, assassination and kidnapping, discontinuing attempts to sell choice assets of the state via proxies and taming the waves of bloody confrontations between natives of Kogi State and armed herdsmen.‎”


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