Every security agency is power drunk and allocates power to itself. In most cases, they work to achieve individual goals instead of national interest. What is the justification for National Peace Corps? Even those fighting for it now are doing so for selfish purposes. I am sure that the politicians who want the President to sign the Bill are doing so because of their re-election.

*Mr. Paul Rosanwo, Senior citizen

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The Peace Corps Bill is a good one and shouldn’t have been rejected by the Presidency in the sense that various local vigilante groups in various communities have been helping us. Some of them have unveiled dark spots and crime-prone areas. Peace Corps would have been a boost to other efforts at ensuring security.For instance, Neighbourhood Watch is doing well in Lagos State.
*Mr. Adeleke Taiwo, Community Leader

I don’t think it is appropriate for the President to reject the bill that will establish a new government agency. At this time when people are complaining that there is no work anywhere. By not signing the Bill, the President has blown up an opportunity to create jobs for the masses. At least, the Peace Corps would have created job opportunities for the youths who are hopeless in this country.
*Mr. Friday Omoboh, Self-employed

The President’s rejection of the Peace Corps Bill is a good development. What are they coming to do that others like the Federal Road Safety Corps, Civil Defence Corps, and Police Force are not doing?
It would amount to a duplication of agencies. If the government wants to employ the youths who have already registered with the corps, it should incorporate them into the aforementioned agencies.
*Mr. Luck Itimi, Public Analyst

There is nothing bad if we have Peace Corps because most security agencies are not performing well. America has many local vigilante groups working in harmony. It will not be bad if Nigeria can follow suit in order to curtail the level of insecurity.
*Mr. Adekunle Samuel, Instrumentalist

The National Assembly is mandated to make laws. The advantages of National Peace Corps outweigh its disadvantages. The senate should veto Buhari on that. *Prince Adelaja, Politcian

By Bose Adelaja & Frederick Okopie

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