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The possibilities of every local church

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By Dr. Francis Akin-John

Psalm 92:12-14; Luke 1:37

Every local church has great possibilities in the Lord to make positive or negative impact. As you start, lead or oversee local churches, here are scriptural and realistic possibilities:-

*Your church can grow and affect people positively.

*You can be used by the Lord to lead that church to dreamland of impact.

*Your church can overcome every inhibition and barrier to her growth.

*Your church can see multiple conversion of souls in hundre-ds of thousands.

*Your church can reach every person in that community.

*Your church can destroy the forces of darkness and shine the light of Christ brightly to everyone.

*Your church can help the poor, widow, youth, children, alcoholic and wicked to see the light of Christ.

*Your church can raise an army of disciples to evangelise the world for Christ.

*Your church can raise funds that will help the downtrodden of society.

*Your church can multiply branches that will plant other branches––thereby making eternal impact for Christ.

*Your church can become the most influential entity in your community for eternity.

*The possibility of also being only a religious center-devoid of life, sick, stagnant, not ge-ting anyone converted, dying, being a bad image and nuisance in locality is there.

10 Factors that help lead-ers not to quit?

As I do church consulting with congregations that are often unhealthy, I wonder why more pastors don’t just quit. On the mission field, I wonder why missionaries don’t just come home when the soil is hard. What I’ve learned from leaders is that they stay in tough places because of:

  1. Calling. They can’t deny that God called them there, so they’re not willing to leave until they sense His call elsewhere.
  2. Conviction. That is, they deeply know they are where they’re supposed to be. They might try to ignore that convic-tion at times, but they come back to it.
  3. Commitment. These leaders just don’t run easily. When they make a commitment, they keep it.
  4. Compassion. The work may be tough, but leaders who stay love the people they lead.
  5. Companions. Friends—gen-uine, deep, lifetime—friends are there. Thus, leaders don’t walk on hard soil alone.
  6. Courage. They aren’t afraid to confront divisive people or issues, and they’re unafraid to stand strong when others fall around them.
  7. Character. These leaders have a commitment to godliness—and that godliness won’t let them leave without God’s clear command.
  8. Contentment. They’re unusual, but some leaders like the challenge of a tough place. They would never be happy in waters that are only smooth.
  9. Compensation. I know no other way to say this: some leaders stay because of the money. They tolerate a lot to keep money in the bank.
  10. Closure. God gave them a vision for their ministry, and the vision isn’t fulfilled yet. So, it’s not time to go.

Learn to have bulldog tenacity, once you are on the right track. Stop comparing yourself to others. You may not grow fast like them, but hold on to the biblical ways and will of God. Stop judg-ing yourself by others stand-ards,but by bible standards.

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