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Political devaluation of the Nigerian life

By Emmanuel Aziken

Hearing partisans of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the All Progressives Congress, APC weave and untie conspiracy theories around the abduction and release of the Dapchi Secondary School girls must be sickening to anyone that values human life.

Without expounding on how the APC and its officials conspired to use the life of the innocent girls as a political tool, PDP officials have sickeningly dismissed last Wednesday’s release of the abducted Dapchi school girls as a conspiracy. But what is the conspiracy? Were the girls not abducted? Were five of the girls not killed? Is one of the girls not still in the hands of these brutal Islamists who refused to release her because she refused to convert to Islam from Christianity?

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These are facts on the ground that not one of the sneering PDP officials has been able to contradict. What will these scornful partisans say to the mothers of the five who were killed by the Islamic insurgents?

It is nauseating the way the PDP is allowing itself to be trapped into another round of denial. Almost four years ago when innocent school girls were abducted by the same Boko Haram Islamic insurgents, elements of the PDP and its sympathizers alleged a political conspiracy on the part of Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State and the APC. It is not as if there was no room for conspiracy given some hearsay here and there. But tittle-tattle is not sufficient tract to build such things that pertain to life and death.

The inept reaction of the PDP opposition, however, does not justify the disgusting dissonance on the part of the APC administration and its propagandists to the miserable conditions of the girls.

From denying the fact of the kidnap of the Dapchi girls to the initial fake news about their release, through the surreptitious negotiations that led to the Wednesday release, to the odious celebration of the release of the girls, the APC administration has seemingly lowered the benchmark for ethical probity.

APC officials are backslapping one another seemingly oblivious to the fact that five of the girls died and yet another one is still being held by the terrorists. Yes, while the release of some of the girls is gladdening, the look down on the PDP for the failure of the previous administration to release the Chibok girls is simply disgusting.

Even more, provoking is the befuddling attitude of administration officials to the new strategy of kidnap for ransom by Boko Haram.

Though the government claims that it does not pay ransom for hostages, no one believes that Boko Haram, the group declared to be one of the world’s most deadly insurgent groups could be so charitable to have freely returned the girls.

An administration that claims to have degraded, defeated, technically defeated, decimated a terrorist group should not be seen to be negotiating with the same group.

Indeed, many Nigerians find it preposterous that the government is negotiating with a group that has been defeated.

Even more interesting is the fact that the terrorists drove for hours unhindered on their return trip to Dapchi last Wednesday. So what of the narrative that the defeated Boko Haram terrorists are not holding sway to any patch of Nigerian territory? These are indeed baffling questions that the administration needs to address and win the confidence of the people.

The way and manner the political class seems to have taken partisan positions at the expense of the life of ordinary Nigerians is shocking. Across the country, lives are regularly being plucked with increasing indifference from the political class.

The government needs to come out clear on these issues if it truly values the lives of Nigerians!



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