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She has no idea he is gay

Dear Bunmi,

I recently introduced one of my female friends to my male best friend, and they really got on well together.

My main worry now is that she might be under the illusion that he fancies her.

Although friends closest to him know he is gay, he’s quite private about his sexuality and might not want to let on to my friend.

I think it is now up to me to let her know she’s got no chance with him before she embarrasses herself. How do I go about it?

‘Lape, by e-mail.


It’s not up to you to tell one friend about another friend’s sex life.  For a start, it is no one’s business but his.

Secondly, he may already have told her or she might have heard through another well-meaning friend.

I wonder, though, why you’re so concerned that the   both of them have clicked?

Could it be because you’re a little bit jealous of how well they’re getting on?

Back off and let them enjoy each other’s company on whatever terms they like.



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