The security system is to blame – Aliyu Modibbo, Entrepreneur
In my opinion government and their the security agencies should be blamed. There are lapses in those villages that are close to the bush where the terrorists are located hence the abduction. There is need for the government to deploy more troops to these villages. Terrorist acts have been curtailed in local government areas that are not close to the bush, so the government should do something about the villages that are near the bush.
It’s the government’s fault – Ali Moyemi Yaqeen, Accountant
The government should be blamed for the kidnap of the Dapchi school girls, because if they had improved on national security especially in the north eastern part of Nigeria, such would not have happened. Reclaiming the places occupied by Boko Haram is not enough, but total security to protect lives and properties. I believe the government should do more on national security by arming our security agencies and recruiting more people into the armed forces, because the ratio of security personnel to every citizen is below par.
Yobe school girls
Dapchi schoolgirls during the headcount on Tuesday.
The government failed to protect its citizens – Leonard Chukwuma, Businessman
I wouldn’t blame the school because they are under the protective hands of the government through the security system. So also would I not blame the security system because security system is fashioned in a way that you just have to obey the last command even if that last command is wrong. And if you fail to obey, your commander could still carry out the act and blame the damage on your stubbornness. Then you would see people that you’re defending turning the blame to you again. So I blame the government for not protecting the lives of its citizens, even girls and little children.
The government takes the larger blame – Jeff Unaegbu, Writer/Cinematographer
I think the larger blame lies on the government. We were informed that just after the government withdrew troops,   the Boko Haram struck. This means there is complicity somewhere that needs to be removed.
The security system also has poor ingenuity in Nigeria. Let me give us an idea: The army could lay an ambush for Boko Haram. Just a few trusted soldiers could put a land mine on the path of the approaching Boko Haram vehicles and there will be horror….
I blame the government and the security system – Tolulope Adedamola, Quantity Surveyor
I would blame the security system and the government, because from stories we heard, when the attack was ongoing the school authority contacted the security outfits to come to its rescue. But it took them time to respond and only showed up when the attack was over. My question is “why did they bother to show up after the operation has been successfully carried out?”. The government, particularly the Yobe state government, I’m very sure collected security votes and security which is the paramount thing that is meant to be provided by any good and right thinking government was not provided. This is a big failure on the path of the state government.
The government should be blamed – Temiloluwa Osire, Agriculturist
I believe the government should be blamed and not the school authority or the security, because the government provides facilities and welfare to the school as it’s a government owned school. In my opinion, they are the reason for the loose security in the school due to the fact that funds for the school development may have been diverted for other purposes that we don’t know about. The abduction on the other hand could even be another political brouhaha as election is fast approaching.

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