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Master your time! Master your life!



Are you in control of your life? Or is your life out of control? Do you have a handle on your affairs? Or are you constantly living in reaction to the happenings around you? Has life become a dreaded ordeal as you go through the motions of the day? Or are you experiencing the thrills of living as you meet each day with excitement? Your answers to these questions reflect if you are living life by design or by default.

Life by default is to exist; living by the script handed over to us by past conditioning, bad habits, other people’s agenda and the society. It is living in constant reaction to the events of life. Life by design is to live by a consciously written out script. However, to live and not merely exist, you must be prepared to live, and to prepare to live you must master the use of the stuff life is made up of-Time.

The waste of money is irresponsibility; the waste of time is suicidal. Your entire life revolves around the use of time and this fashion what your life evolves into. The use of your time is the mould that shapes your life. You never get ahead in life if you don’t think ahead of how you will use your time. And you never think ahead of how you use your time if you don’t think ahead of who you are, where you are going, what your life is about and what you want of life.

The greatest time waster is lack of clear and definite direction in life. You will never get to actively participate in any given game if you don’t know how to keep score and measure the level of your progress in the game. Likewise, in the game of life, you never get to play to win when you have no goals to reach for. When you have no goals to reach for, you will have no success to live out. When you don’t know what you want out of life, time has no meaning and life is void of winning. A life void of goals is a life void of purpose, direction and growth. Time management is allocating specific goals to specific time frames that yields results in life.

Before you begin a definite journey, you must choose your destination. Success is a journey and before you begin to embark on the journey you must choose your territorial destination and bear in mind, as long as you live there will be more territories to reach for, to conquer. The key is to keep growing and stretching to new levels. To chart your course you must clear the clutter from your mind. Clear the clutter of limited thinking and scarcity mindset and move into the realm of an abundant mindset. Let’s get started!

Write down what you want in each area of life; Business/career goals, family/relationship goals, personal goals, personal development goals-spiritual development, mental development and emotional development, financial goals and contributory goals. Be specific and well-detailed.

Set a specific deadline to accomplish each goal-short term, medium term and long term goals.

Develop a detailed plan for the achievement of your goals. Write down who you have to become and what you have to do to accomplish your goals. Pray through, think through and work through!

Organize the items on your list by placing them in the order of priority.

Move into a space of action daily by doing something every day that draws you towards the fulfillment of your goals.

Time management triumphs when you are able to set priorities and concentrate or focus single mindedly on one thing at a time. Consistent prioritizing is the key to effective time management; focusing on your highest value tasks.

If you want to make major strides in life, never major in the minors. Focus on what matters in the long term. Perform your biggest and most important tasks and complete it before embarking on lesser important tasks. You will never get to have adequate time to do everything you have to do but you have enough time to get to do the most important things or your major responsibilities.





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