The fight for the title is finished in the Premier League, as it seems impossible for the Citizens not to win it. But the season isn’t over, and the Blues still could break many records this season in order to make history.

City are powered to showcase impressive record-breaking performances in Premier League and Club the rest of the weeks.

Within a climate of a fabulous campaign on Josep Guardiola’s behalf, Manchester City are settling an array of interesting thresholds recorded in the history of football and noted for the upcoming years.

The team has recently been on a training regime in the warm Abu Dhabi in an attempt to realign their powers on the season end. They require only a couple of wins to make the Premier League title theirs and stack against Liverpool in the quarter-final phase of the Champions League.

Here are some of the potential milestones and records City would win in the final stage of the program.

Team Records

Highest no. of wins: City team needs to hit extra 5 wins out of the 8 upcoming games to reach Chelsea’s previous record of 30 victories in Premier League/season.

Highest victory points threshold: City would have to expand the existing edge of 16 points to surpass Manchester UTD lead of 18 points. This challenging but still possible and the outcome of the match with Manchester will be critical in allowing this to occur or not.

Biggest home victories: City can only reach the existing record of 18 points gained by Manchester UTD and City, after playing against Everton in the starting home match of the season.

Highest no. of away victories: City has managed to score 12 games their way during this season and 4 games are remaining to play away from their home ground. If they managed to win these 4 matches, they can even pound Chelsea’s lead score of 15 points.

Successive Premier League Victories: City has hit a fresh record formerly this season by leading 18 matches one after the other. A marathon that start away on Bournemouth and finalised with a 1-0 victory at Newcastle United.

Successive Premier League Away victories: The Blues matched the record of 11 wins away on the bounce but were prevented from setting a new threshold as the scored 0-0 away to Crystal Palace.

Highest goal difference: The team is getting warmed to achieve a new goal difference lead with an existing number of 65+. Chelsea’s lead record is +71 and the Blues can catch this up easily. It isn’t unbreakable as Chelsea’s record is the lowest in the 7 main European leagues.

Highest no. of goals: This a bit hard to reckon. Chelsea has taken the record after scoring 103 goals on Premier League and the Blues currently count 85 till this moment of writing. They need 18 more goals in the 8 games that are left over so if the team maintains their seasonal median, the record may be broken.

Highest no. of home goals: City needs to do so work at this point to reach Chelsea’s score of 68 points. The Blues have hit 51 so far so that equals to 17 for the rest Etihad matches. It is quite challenging but not totally impossible!

Highest no. of points: An extra record possed by Chelsea. The City men require another 14 points out of 24 to match Chelsea’s record and 15 to set a new threshold.

In this that could stay in history for the Blues, the team already has been through a few records.

Consecutive away wins : 11, taken during the period of May to December 2017.

Number of away victories: 12 – The Blues have matched the current record of 12 away league victories in a single season and require one more victory to set a new milestone. There’s no doubt it will be done by the end of the season.

Number of passes in a single match: 902 – The number of 902 passes gained against Chelsea is considered to be a new record, as achieved by Gundogan’s 167 efficient passes and 181 grabs from the same match. According to Wearebettors, this record is one of the most impressive and says a lot on how the Citizens impose their rules on the pitch. It is an average of 1 pass every 6 seconds during the game!

All those statistics are really relevant. It reveals a lot on how Pep Guardiola manages to make his team play and how dominant they are this season. There’s no doubt this team will stay in Premier League history if the maintain this rhythm until the end of the season.

Personal Distinctions

Three main actors of Manchester City’s incredible season also set up a few personal records.

Kun Aguero has hit the team scoring record and is currently on 199 goals (all matches).

Guardiola also managed to be the No 1. coach to win the Manager of the Month title of Premier league for 4 months in a row.

Kevin De Bruyne is expected to take the lead on the Premier League category of assists and Nicolas Otamendi likewise in the category of most passes. The bets are open. Will De Bruyne end the season with the most assist? If you want to bet, you can even benefit from Genting Bet promotions to try to earn some money thanks to the Citizens.

Ederson is also a single hair behind David De Gea in the competition for Golden Glove.

Therefore, the team has plenty of goals to focus on in the upcoming weeks, Premier League title included.

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