March 7, 2018

Gynaecologist cautions against unnecessary fibroid surgery

Dr Chiemezie Chiebonam, an obstetrician and gynaecologist in Abuja, has cautioned women against unnecessary surgery for removal of fibroid.

Chiebonam gave the advice while speaking with newsmen in Abuja, on Wednesday.

He explained that surgical removal of fibroid could adversely affect the general health of the affected persons.

According to him, at early stage of fibroid, mere treatment and therapy could prevent the growth and thereafter cure it.

Chiebonam, a consultant at Medimax Hospital Gwarimpa, Abuja, said that surgery could only be necessary when the growth was close to the fallopian tube, which might hinder conception.

“Fibroid surgery ought to be the last intervention in a woman as it may result in infertility if not properly handled except for women whose fibroid growth was close to the fallopian tube.

“Though, it is largely the lots of every woman, it can be corrected through hormonal therapy, radiological intervention, laser therapy and endometrial ablative therapy, among others.

“There are possible complications following fibroid surgical operation that can cause infertility like fibrous adhesion which can obstruct the fallopian tube causing infertility,’’ he said.

He noted that women who had not given birth and obese women were prone to have the growth.

He added that they might not experience major symptoms aside lower backache, constipation and excessive or painful uterine bleeding.

He said that small fibroid could be managed conservatively without surgery, through which it might dissolve or disappear later with the use of appropriate drugs and therapy.

Chiebonam also stated that for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons, a huge or fast growing fibroid could be removed by surgery.

She said this was common with some ladies who might want to remove the impression that they were pregnant, because of the size of their abdomen.