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Everyone wants a piece of you in Nollywood – Scarlet Gomez

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Multitalented Scarlet Gomez is no doubts a woman of many parts. The Lagos born actress, singer and model, has against
all odds attained an admirable level of success in all three of her careers. Though a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Lagos, the Ogun State indigene knew from an early stage that entertainment is her true calling. In this interview she lets us into her world, read on.


There was a buzz on social media last year when the picture of your wedding dress surfaced, what is the motive behind your purple wedding dress?

I wanted something different and unusual. White is normal and I didn’t want normal, I was tired of the bride and a white dress thing, so, I opted for a purple dress, that’s all.

What has marriage experience been like?

Contrary to what people say, marriage for me has been beautiful. I’m happy and contented, my husband is great and everything is fine.

Has marriage changed anything about you?

Nothing has changed really, all I will say is that I’m now calmer towards life, I have grown and I’m more grounded .

Now that you are married do you still get advances from men?

Scarlet Gomez

Yes, everyday, I don’t think that will stop, in fact I think it tripled since I got married. You think things like this will stop once you get married, that’s the lie we tell ourselves but it doesn’t stop.

How do you deal with them?

It’s not hard; when they throw advances at me I simply tell them I’m married and there is nothing I can offer them and it ends there. Although some men can be very stubborn but I pay them no attention, nobody likes to be ignored, once they notice I don’t answer them, they move on.

You were once crowned Miss United Nations and Miss global, with such level of success in modelling, what inspired you to go into acting?

Acting wasn’t planned, in a million years if I was told I would be an actor I wouldn’t have believed it. Along the line I wanted to do something different from my usual modelling career and at the time the modelling industry was becoming crowded and unstable. I wanted something more stable and with structure, back then models were not respected here in Nigeria, people think once you are a model you are automatically a prostitute and I didn’t want to be seen in that light, so, I decide to go into acting and it worked for me.

Does that mean you don’t model any more?

I still model but occasionally, I don’t do runway and pageants any more. All I do are prints, billboards and brand modelling.

How did you get into the Nollywood industry?

I was invited for an audition by a friend about six years ago. It was a Tinsel audition and although I wasn’t interested in auditioning I decided to go just to keep her company and see what was going on there. While the audition was going on, I got tired then I decided to pick up a form, went in to audition and wasn’t even expecting to hear from them. Three weeks down the line, I got a call and I was told I got a role and I was so excited. The role I got was eventually not for Tinsel but for a lead role in Africa Magic’s original film ‘Armour’.

How many movies have you featured in since then?

I have acted in well over twenty to thirty movies and about seven soap operas. I don’t get to do a lot of soaps because it is time consuming.

Considering the fact that soap opera is time consuming, does it pay more than feature movies?

Basically, I think it boils down to one’s bargaining power. The only difference is that feature movies are less time consuming and it gives room for one to do other things.

You are also a singer, what type of music do you do?

I do EDM, Pop and Afro beats.

EDM is an unpopular music genre in Nigeria, how do you intend to break through with it?

My target market is not just Nigeria. I’m trying to make music that cuts across cultures. I experiment a lot with genres trying to create an afro-EDM sound that anyone can relate with regardless of culture language and background.

Do you have songs out yet?

I have an EP of six tracks from the stables of Knight House and it is available on all downloading platforms. I’m working on dropping another EP in February.

How do you juggle modelling, acting and singing?

Honestly, it is not easy but it has been by God’s grace. Also my husband is my support system, he supports me so well and I have a wonderful team, I focus and work hard.

If you were to choose between your three careers, which will you choose?

I can easily drop modelling but music and acting are a part of me, I don’t think I can drop either. Music, because I was born into it, my father was a pioneer of Nigerian music; he was a well known music producer. I grew up in a music environment, watching my father during his sessions and everything, this made me fall in love with music early, and so, giving up music for any other thing will be difficult. Acting on the other hand has become a part of me, although I stumbled upon it, acting is like an escape hub for me, it’s like the only way I get to run away from every other thing. Whenever I’m facing difficulties acting keeps me going. I could be depressed but the moment you say action, I become the happiest person on earth and I forget everything. In fact I think I’m more of myself when I’m acting, you would love me if you see me on set, I’m not myself off camera, I’m a very reserved person.

How has settling into the Nollywood industry been?

It has been very challenging; it has not been easy at all, especially for ladies because you don’t want to lose your value as well as your brand. It’s difficult being a woman in the industry because everybody wants a piece of you more or less; it takes the will of God and determination to maintain one’s core values. I work hard and do not cut corners but it is still challenging because it is a male dominated industry.

How have you been able to preserve your values in the face of this challenge?

To be honest, I have never been in a position to compromise and I think this is because of the way I carry myself, if you are good at what you do, you won’t have to cut corners. I think the people that these things happen to are the desperate ones that will do anything to get to where they want. I create boundaries and make sure I don’t overstep them and also don’t allow others cross them. It’s a thing of mutual respect, the way people see you is the way they will treat you.



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