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Edo women react to Oba’s curse

Any Madam in Europe that dares the Oba will die—Madam Blackky Omoregie JP, Leader market women Association in Edo state

Madam Blackky Omoregie JP

“This is one of the best decisions our Oba has taken since he assumed office. We market women leaders appreciate it. Many of our sons and daughters have died in Libya and Nigeria is better than Libya. Our children don’t deserve to die there. So we express our gratitude to the Oba for that action because this will help sanitize the society. Anybody that tries to cause more trouble will not live to tell the story.

Our advise to the state government is that rather than pay these returnees money every month, I will suggest that government   gives them three months salary in bulk so that they will be empowered to do something for themselves.

We have many shops unoccupied in the market so let them come and sell here.I recall the other day we had an event for the Libya returnees, I was there that day and I observed that some of them could produce perfumes, soup, cocoa nut oil cream etc.

That one will be better for them than the small money every month. Anyone who is hardworking cannot suffer in life. What the Oba did for us is that best thing a father can do for his children and may God bless him”.

Oba’s curse will end the wicked business of the Madams—Mrs Yemisi Omoregie—Oba Market Leader

Yemisi Omoregie

We, the   market women leaders are very happy. The day Oba invited us to the palace to place that curse, we did not know that was why he was calling. This issue of human trafficking has become an embarrassment to us for a long time.   I can tell you that since he placed the curse the sponsors of these girls have been crying in Europe. The girls are revolting now. He did a very good thing for us because we are tired of these human traffickers. People will come and recruit innocent children for slavery while their own children are at home. Let the Madams now recruit their own children for human trafficking.

Oba has freed us from slavery, he deserve international award—Mrs Mary Ogiamien

Mary Ogiamien

What Oba has done for us no man could have done. He has fixed the problem we have been having here years ago. Our Oba, showed great concern. He invited native doctors, Olokun people, chiefs and placed a curse against human traffickers. As it is now, the native doctors can no longer be part of the evil and that will be the end of these people. This is because, one strong part of the arrangement is always the oath taking part where the Madam will milk the girl for years. This is wickedness and a crime against humanity. The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare 11, the Ogidigan deserves an International Award for this.

We also thank Governor Godwin Obaseki for all he has been doing to rehabilitate Libyan returnees and the way he is working together with our Oba to fight these people people.

This is the end of human traffickers in Edo—Florence Omogiade ,Edo state coordinator market women Association

Let me tell you, since the Oba’s curse, our children in Europe have been calling their native doctors to revoke the curses as Oba has spoken. I have even advised many of them who have called to follow Oba’s instruction and if their sponsors are disturbing them they should call the police. We are very grateful to the Oba. No more human trafficking in Edo, their end has come with the Oba’s pronouncement.

Florence Omogiade

Parents will stop selling their property to send children abroad—Esther Erabor, Vice President of Iyanga market

Esther Erabor

We thank our Oba. Since he came on the throne he has embarked on many reforms which have been impacting on our people positively.   And we want to warn parents who sell their property to send children abroad to stop it because this curse will affect them. I have told these children that we have markets here, they can come here and work.

There is money here. All my children are here, we have been managing together. There is money here in Nigeria if you are a serious person. You must not go abroad to make money. All we are appealing is for the state government to help empower these youths so they can have money and start a business or farming like governor Godwin Obaseki has promised. We are grateful to the Oba for this curse.

Edo people react to Oba of Benin’s curse on human traffickers— Pa Jolly Agbontaen

We will start arresting evil people like chickens

I heard about the Oba’s curse and it is a welcome development. People will now be scared of committing evil. It has gotten to a stage where these people no longer fear the police or other constituted authorities but with Oba’s curse now, you will die if you disobey. Oba does not place curses any how and when he does you know that the gods will react. So it is left for the perpetrators of this heinous crime to repent or they will die in their evil ways.

We have now told our people to be more vigilante in our communities about those people who recruit girls. You will see that we will start arresting them now like chickens.


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