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DETOX!Secret to long life revealed

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Our bodies are constantly being exposed to a variety of chemicals some of which produce harmful toxins. One of the secrets to a healthy body and long life, therefore, any individual that wants to live long should detox regularly.

Prof. Oladapo Ashiru, the Chief Medical Director, Medical Art Center & Mart Medicare life Group of Health Services, readily tells everyone the secret of his good health and trim figure. “I detoxify regularly. I also watch what I eat and I chew my food properly.”

Professor Oladapo Ashiru with his wife, Idowu who clocked 65 recently.

Ashiru who along with his wife, Idowu, run the Mart Life Detox Clinic/Medical Wellness and Anti-aging Beauty Centre,  reputed to be the  first Mayr Medical Spa in Africa, said that regular clearing and filtering of toxins and wastes (detoxification) allows the human body to work on enhancing its basic capabilities.

“Have about 12 days of detoxification in a year. It can be split into two or three sessions but should be at least a total of two weeks, averaging one day in a month to clear all the toxins that have accumulated.”

“Some people would take one form of food or the there and it would create allergies, there are different grades of these allergies, and that is what happens to people so we set up this facility primarily to remove environmental toxins such as heavy metals, mercury, people who eat stockfish, improperly cooked rice you get arsenic, using aluminium wrappers can give you aluminium poisoning. Titanium, lead and some other heavy metals are toxic to the baby and we put in tools to detoxify the body, through body detox methods such as colon hydrotherapy and lymphatic irrigation.”

On the benefits of detoxification, Ashiru noted described the human body as being almost like a car. “You need to clean it out and re-lubricate it periodically for it to last longer, but it is when the body is not well taken care of that it breaks down. The use of sprays and aerosols is a factor in introduction of toxins into the body.

“Common sources of toxins are from the paint industry, oil and gas industry, perfumes and even food. Some of the food that we eat could cause issues. There are some food substances that are foreign to us and ingesting them would require undergoing detoxification. People in the oil and gas industry must go to the detoxification centre at least once in a year so as to remove all toxins in their bodies.

“Even from eating we accumulate toxins. We often take food like rice, eba, semo and other ‘swallow,’ and do not chew it well; food should stay in the mouth for 1-2 minutes depending on what you are eating. Soup should stay about 30 seconds. The swallow, without chewing, can stay in the intestines for up to 30 days, decaying and fermenting and bringing out all sorts of toxins.”

Ashiru described a toxin as any substance that creates irritating and/or harmful effects in the body. He explained that toxicity occurs when the body takes in more than it can utilise and eliminate. Emphasising the benefits of natural body detoxification, Ashiru said the elimination of toxins, excessive mucus, congestion, and disease and to prevent, on a day-to-day basis, the build up of toxicity, through detoxification, is an essential ritual, if the body is to function optimally.

“Wide range of symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs, gastrointestinal problems, and problems from immune weakness, can all be related to toxicity. There are toxins in what we eat. The way we eat the environment play major role in our wellness and general state of health. Sometimes we get these toxins from fish. There is also a lot of heavy metals such as mercury, titanium and lead that are present in fish.”

Ashiru said it is healthy to eat food that is available in the immediate environment. “We are created to be in different parts of the world for a reason, and when the Almighty created us, he gave us food for different reasons.

“In the developed world, more wheat than required is grown and the excess is exported to the developing countries. But as blacks we do not need wheat. The same thing for goes for milk. A lot of milk is exported to developing countries even though around 90 percent of Africans are lactose intolerance and so do not need milk.”

Ashiru, who is also a reproductive endocrinologist, said toxins are a new eye opener in infertility. He said from the results of studies carried out by Mart Life presented recently in India, it was clear there was a significant link between toxins and infertility.

“Toxins play a major role in infertility. For instance, pesticides can affect the body and the effects can be transferred in the reproductive function up to the 3rd generation. What this means is that a woman that is exposed to pesticide infection can transfer the effects to her grandchild.

“From my practice I have seen a lot of people affected by toxins. In one study, we had over 40 patients treated, since we published the results, the first conception came through IVF and we were able to obtain pregnancy in almost 50 percent of them. After detoxification, the women look younger loses weight and become fit. They go back to Mart Life and then are able to achieve conception.

“In 2016, I became a member of the Reproductive Committee on Reproductive Toxins of the International Society of Gynaecologists, and we now recognise the fact that for a woman or a couple that want to achieve pregnancy and have babies regardless of their state of health, it is preferable that they detox.”

“We had some patients that were being treated for infertility but they would not get pregnant. Even when they were given the best embryos but they did not getting pregnant. First we started giving them Day 3 embryos (8-cell embryos) but they were not getting pregnant so we said maybe we should start blastocyst transfer.

“We did that but some of the patients still did not get pregnant. Why were they not getting pregnant, we wondered? So we said maybe it was because the embryos were not normal and that led us to begin the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). With this we were now giving people embryos that are genetically diagnosed as normal, but they still were not pregnant.

“It was clear there was something in them that had created allergies or intolerance and that was how detoxification came in. We have recognised that for some patients to succeed in their bid for pregnancy through IVF, we need to remove some toxins from them, and that is why we established the Mart-Life Wellness Centre.

“We now started to detoxify the embryos and measure some immunological testing for any level of antibodies in the mother, measuring the Immunoglobulin E (IGE) is associated with allergies and intolerance.”


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