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How I was defiled by my supervisor —Two-yr-old girl

By Abdulwahab Abdulah and Jane Echewodo

A two and half year old girl of Chrisland School, Lekki Lagos, (names withheld) yesterday informed Justice Sybil Nwaka of an Ikeja Sexual Offences Special Court how her school supervisor, Adenekan Adegboyaga allegedly defiled her two years ago.

The child  was led in evidence by the prosecutor, Mr B.T. Boye before the court in a proceeding that lasted three and half hours.

The session started after the court Registrar had administered the oath on her and during which she promised to tell the truth. She was the fourth prosecution witness in the matter.

When she was asked why she was in the court room, child X told the trial judge: “I am here to explain all the bad things that Mr Adenekan did to me”.

Reminded of Jesus Christ and the fact that she stood for truth, she replied that she knew she must tell the truth in the matter.

When asked how many times she was allegedly defiled, she replied that the defendant allegedly defiled her two times.

“The first time he did it in his office. The second time was in the corner outside”, thereby corroborating the claims of her mother about where it happened.

Asked to narrate how it happened, she said: “he put his hand inside my weewee. It really, really pained me. When I screamed, he covered my mouth with his hand. When I tried to scream again, he tightened his hand on my mouth”.

At this stage, the prosecutor asked her to recognise Adenekan in court but she refused to look at him in the dock.

But when confronted with the pictures of the defendant, she confirmed her aggressor and retorted: “I remember now. He put his wee wee in my mouth”.

Prior to her entering the court, a clip of the video recording done by the psychologist, Mrs Ogendengbe was shown at the request of the defence counsel which showed the victim answering questions.

When asked to show where Adenekan’s wee wee was, she touched the mid region of her body to indicate the location of a male’s manhood and to the lower region of her body to show location of her private part.

Under cross examination by counsel to the defendant, Olatunde Adejuyigbe (SAN),  Child X answered in affirmative that she told her mummy when the incident happened.

She denied visiting Adenekan in her office except on the day “when he did bad thing to me”.

Asked by Adejuyigbe if she loves drawing, she said: “I love drawing but I don’t want to draw in this place. It is very scary”, as a result of which the judge and counsel calmed her.

However when told by the defence counsel that she was tutored on all that she said in court, child X replied: “nobody told me what to say when I came here today”.

The mother of the victim, under cross examination had earlier told the court that her daughter told her that Adenekan allegedly abused her in his office and at a corner outside.

She explained that when she visited the school with the police, she did not lead them to the corner, one of the places the victim was abused, because she didn’t want to make it look as if she was guiding investigation by the police.

She said initially she wanted to keep quiet about the incident but changed her mind when it appeared the school wasn’t going to do anything about it. Justice Nwaka has adjourned the matter till May 21 for continuation of trial.


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