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Dapchi girls : Real or arranged?

The manner of their  release is none of our business. I watched their return on the television and my submission is that the government should be commended for rescuing the girls. Before their release, we were all clamouring for their return. I don’t think those who entered into the terms and condition to get them released are fools.
Comrade Tijani Saheed, Technical Instructor

dapchi girls
Dapchi girls

I hope politicians are  not trying to insult our intelligence? If truly the Dapchi girls were dropped by Boko Haram and government claimed no ransom was paid, we are in for uncertain days. Truly, the situation is dicey and confusing. How they were returned gives me the feeling that there are questions to be answered and the government knows better.
Atitebi Ayodeji, Music Director

This is a scam and some people could be behind it. Our leaders are deceiving us, if not, how can they tell us that no ransom was paid? I don’t understand this country again. It was just an avenue to extort money from the government.
Mr. Orioye Akinsolu, Fisherman

Whatever made  Boko Haram to release the Dapchi girls would have made them release the remaining Chibok girls as well. But to my surprise, the Boko Haram members were neither apprehended nor arrested. The Senate should commence an investigation and unravel certain secrets regarding this incident. We want to know more.
Mr. Andrew Edeki, Contractor

From day one of the  abduction, Nigerians were not informed what really happened.
There are many missing links in the story of their release. I am very sure that time will reveal the truth so that we will know what went wrong and those behind the hide and seek game.
Miss Abeh Orumeka, Undergraduate

Let the Federal Gov ernment set up a competent investigative panel to look into the issue. I am suspecting a foul play. Can a terrorist group kidnap and return their victims just like that? The girls were so relaxed in the pictures released on the internet. After Boko Haram brought in the girls, why did military and police not arrest them?
Miss Blessing Ilembia, Business Woman

By Bose Adelaja & Frederick Okopie


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