By Sunny Ikhioya

NATURE has its laws. Some people or theorists have said that; “no matter how much you nurture nature, nature will always have its way.” That is why the Hausa man cannot speak like the Yoruba man or, the Ijaw man speak like the Urhobo man and so on and so forth. It is in the genes of our ancestors and have cascaded down to present times. You can never defeat nature, although the social scientist will say that it is culture that determines human behaviour, what they have not factored in is that certain characteristics were already formed in our genes before we came out of our mothers’ wombs.

In the olden times, most of our relationships were seen from the angle of our immediate families, within hamlets and small communities.But with the expansion of contacts and world interactions, things that were unimaginable in the past are now  realities. That is why the school killings of February 14, 2018, that took place in Florida, United States of America must be seen in its true context.

The boy is an adopted child, whose adopted parents were both dead. Left to the world, what happened? Nature took over. Nature leaves room for everyone, every creature on earth and beyond, no matter how little, including plants, rocks, and the aqua world has a place and purpose in nature.

If you distort this plan, you will be distorting nature and surely, there will be consequences. An example is the climate change ravaging the whole world. That is why it is said that; “the law of nature is fair,” to each is given what is needed or required, if you go beyond needs and wants, you will be straying into the realm of covetousness.

It has helped mankind to capture and conquer new territories and develop beyond the imagination of the ordinary but has it helped mankind? That is the question we have been trying to find answers to. With the belligerence of Adolf Hitler of Germany and the Japanese, followed by the brutal suppression initiated by the US and allied forces in the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it was expected that such war mongering will be a thing of the past but, it has not stopped the North Korean leader, Kim Jong- un and others from flexing muscles. Any conquest that is based on injustice is never permanent. It fizzles out in a matter of time. That is why you see great empires and nations come and go, this is a fact.

The dance of the Fulani herdsmen is not new. By their history, based on what we read in the old Mali and Songhai empires narrative, it has  always been total subjugation of conquered territories. They thrive in eliminating existing cultures as in the case of the great Songhai empire but where is Songhai today? History will always vindicate the just. It has been a battle of cultures from beginning. Is it not a surprise that, despite all attempts to suppress and destroy the nation of Israel, they have continued to become stronger and more phenomenal? There is something in nature that cannot be deciphered, it cannot be explained. You suppress it, it comes back. You try to obliterate it and change history and records, somehow, it finds its way back. It does not matter how long – the case of Israel took four hundred years – it will surely find its way.

In Nigerian societies, especially from the East, some families have been ruled out as outcasts. When the white men came, these outcasts were the first to embrace the white man and his religion since they had nothing to lose and because of their quick embrace of the white man’s religion and culture, they became  heirs to the new republic and government.

So, when the white men left, the so-called “outcasts” became the new masters. These were former servants of the white men. They still relate and receive directives from their masters till date and that is why Nigeria – nay Africa – cannot forge ahead because the leadership is still controlled by the colonial masters. It is bitter but that is the truth. That is why, people who are happy now because situation is in their favour must watch it.

No culture that is based on injustice can survive history. Look back, think back and read past history, where are the families of past giants? Of the past great men? Of the past great warriors? And of the past great empires? You cannot find them because their foundation was based on injustice. The blood of the innocent shed will surely find their way to the Omnipotent. Call it what you like but this is akin to the blood of Abel in the Bible crying for justice against Cain, his brother. Those who are happy now that their brethren are going on a killing spree, destroying lands and property of innocent people, those egging  these so-called “herdsmen” on must watch it. Those using the opportunity to grab what does not belong to them must be careful, the way nature works is different.

Millions of Jews were eliminated in the past but today, their descendants are on top, ruling the world. Those who are silent and think that the Fulani herdsmen killings and conquests are to their advantage must watch it. If the repercussions do not happen in your life time, then the children you have brought into the world will have to face the consequences, that is how nature works, that is why everyone must crave for peace and justice.

The kind of society that are stable into centuries are those that have put mechanism in place for peace and justice in their land like the nation of Switzerland. Every human being is important, the result of today were planted by the irresponsibilities of past leaders. Every section has been guilty and irresponsible when they have been handed the reins of leadership. Those who thought they will rule forever in the  sixties have now found themselves at the receiving end today.

Our present leaders must learn from history. They must stop the killings, conquests and harassment  being perpetrated by the Fulani herdsmen because it may mean nothing today but the future has dire consequences for the perpetrators and their generations yet to come. There is always a payback time.

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