February 28, 2018

Social media doorway to opportunities – SMW participants

Social media doorway to opportunities – SMW participants

Positive social media presence is a doorway to existing opportunities and creation of more, social media week participants said on Wednesday in Lagos.

The participants discussed the topic: ”Being a Creative in Tech and Starting a Startup”, at the ongoing 2018 Social Media Week (SMW) Lagos.

They discussants said that creatives could effectively build digital brands on social media.

Creatives are people who are able to create ideas and express there individuality.

SMW Lagos began on Monday with the theme ‘Close’.

The weeklong event is featuring discussions on a wide range of issues including the future of media, governance, gender inclusion, travel and entertainment.

One of the discussants, Mrs Yoanna Chikezie, Executive Director of the Assembly, said that social media would help creatives to reach target audience effectively.

“Social media will help you to learn and establish new ways of thinking and branding your contents,” Chikezie said.

The executive director, however, said that creatives must be consistent to be able to reach the target audience.

” Getting a large audience to view your page and patronise your brand is a gradual process.

“Keep supplying interesting and educative contents on your page for people to develop interest in you,” she said.

A visual storyteller, and tech video producer, Mr Fisayo Fosudo, described social media as a powerful tool for digital branding.

Fosudo urged that social media should be used appropriately.

” Social media platforms are only beneficial to creatives who understand the contents that sells.

” Creatives who understand the kind of target audience they want to view their contents are likely to boost their brand using social media, ” Fosudo said.(NAN)