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Marks of a healthy church

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By Dr. Francis Akin-John

1A healthy local church has a spiritually healthy Pastor—integrity, capacity and comp-etence

  1. A healthy local church comp-rised of truly saved and trans-formed people, 85%
  2. A healthy local church has a very loving atmosphere—free from grumblings, gimmicks, gluttons and girls of easy virtues
  3. A healthy local church comp-rised of sheep’s who are growing to true disciples of The Lord
  4. A healthy local church is peo-pled by disciples that evangelize and win others for The Lord on regular basis
  5. A healthy local church is gen-uine, growing, groaning, going, glowing, giving and glittering for God
  6. A healthy local church gives preeminent position to the person and leadings of the Holy Spirit of God
  7. A healthy local church is a house of Prayer, intercession and seeking God intimately
  8. A healthy local church has asso-ciates, deacons that are spiritual pillars of support to the Pastorate
  9. A healthy local church is miss-ion minded and supports local and foreign mission regularly, even send people on missions and raise missionaries.
  10. A healthy local church has small groups that meets regularly and multiplies in the community.
  11. A healthy local church fights sins, evils and ungodliness in private and open lives of her members
  12. A healthy local church has a powerful pulpit that touches hearts not that tickles the ear only
  13. A healthy local church allows the gifts and ministry of members to thrive and permits gift useage.
  14. A healthy local church has much more men than women in attendance—men that raise godly homes and are good fathers
  15. A healthy local church has healthy families, marriages and homes in larger majority
  16. A healthy local church has a vibrant adolescent, youth and children church
  17. A healthy local church practi-ces spiritual warfare and defeats host of darkness in her locality
  18. A healthy local church has good image in her locality and goodwill of the people in her community through good works and community commitment
  19. A healthy local church spend her money wisely for Kingdom purpose, benefitting Gods king-dom than private empires.
  20. A healthy local church gives birth to daughter churches and allows them to fulfil their potent-ials without subjugating them.
  21. A healthy local church gives high regard to the Undiluted Word of God and obeys totally, com-pletely, promptly, continuously and consistently in her daily lives
  22. A healthy local church has proper and scriptural administra-tion of gifts, machinery and me-thods in place.
  23. A healthy local church belie-ves and work for unity of the body of Christ and network with other churches

Every local church must imbibe and show forth these traits in her everyday life to be measured as a biblically healthy local church. In short, she must be a TRUE PALM TREE. A healthy local church has all the distinguishing features of a blossoming Palm Tree. (Psalm 92:12-14)

Ministry and faithful-ness


Most ministers these days want a “bigger” church, or a “bigger” ministry. It is the same mentality that says that “bigger is better”. A bigger bank balance, a bigger house, and a bigger car ….. in today’s church culture, a bigger church or ministry implies greater favour from God and greater success. Unfortunately, this is the prevalent way of thinking among people these days.

On the other hand, we must understand that not everybody is called to pastor a big church; For example if God sends you to minister in an area with very few people you would never have a church as large as a big-city megachurch. God measures su-ccess not by numbers but by Faithfulness to His Call upon your life. If you are faithful you will have success that is numerically proportionate to where God has called you to serve and what he has called you to do.

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