February 19, 2018

Laboratory scientist recommends cleaning with water after defecation

Laboratory scientist recommends cleaning with water after defecation

A medical laboratory scientist, Mrs Agatha Okafor, has recommended the use water of instead of toilet paper for cleaning anus after defecation.

Okafor who works with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ittuku-Ozalla, Enugu State said in Enugu on Monday that using water to clean anus would prevent infection.

The laboratory scientist also advised women to clean their genital with water and keep it dry after defecation, to prevent diseases.

She said that some infectious diseases contracted through improper cleaning of the anus could lead to infertility.

“Always wash your genital areas together with your anus after defecation, so that particles of faeces from your anus do not remain around your genital and begin to accumulate some fungi, which can later cause infections.

“Some of such infections can lead to infertility,” she said.

Okafor said that using water was more hygienic than any other method of cleaning anus after defection.

According to her, the use of water ensures proper cleaning of anus.

She said that some remnants of the faeces could remain on the outer part of the anus and cause infection, if cleaned with paper.

“It is better and more hygienic to wash your anus with water after defecation; water cleanses the anus completely; it is better than toilet paper.

“Most times, when you use toilet paper, its particles will remain with faeces not wiped off, thereby causing problems to somebody’s health,” she said.

According to Okafor, it is important to wash hands with soap and water after cleaning anus to prevent diseases. (NAN)